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Beautiful Baby Girl Bows

We offer a large selection of handmade newborn baby bows.

The story behind our baby bows

When my daughter was born I tried to find stylish and cute bows for her. But all I could find were imported low-quality hair accessories. So I went about designing and making my own range.

I started off with the baby and toddler headband range. I then included the top knots and finally developed the newborn bows. This newborn style has been designed with a smaller bow.

Handmade Newborn Bows

I love sewing and fashions. so to be able to include this in making these bows has been a dream. I enjoy making each peace knowing that they will be adorned on a newborn baby.

For more, it’s important to buy and support handmade companies. Even before I started my business I would seek out handmade clothes for my daughter.

Besides the handmade range of bows and hair accessories. I make a range of baby gifts, bibs, teethers, nursing pads and burp cloths.

Materials for baby girl bows

The materials used to make these infant bows are cotton. We have chosen this material for its environmentally friendly and sustainable properties. The thread we use is also cotton. Our elastics are soft nylon, non-marking nude colour elastic. This has been chosen for the babies’ comfort and style.

Australian Made Infant Hair Bows

We are proud to be an Australia Made brand. We also believe in supporting other local and Australian businesses. Where possible we buy fabrics and the nylon headbands from Australia. We believe in supporting local businesses as much as possible, which helps to drive the local economy.

Non-marking and Soft elastic hair bows for girls

The most common feedback we receive is how soft the nylon elastic is. This is important as it won’t irritate the babies’ skin and they won’t try and pull it off. The nylon elastic is non-marking, making it ideal for infants and newborns. This elastic is also very stretchy, so fits all sizes of babies’ heads. We use a nude colour elastic, but we plan to increase the choices of elastic colours in the future.

Variety of colours and prints

We pride ourselves on keeping trendy and stylish and are always updating our range of prints.

We have a selection of bold solid colours. These include oatmeal, tan brown, dusty pink, sage, indigo, navy, grey, black, aqua, pink, purple, off white, mustard, burnt almond, and red.

Our floral range consists of blossoms, snowy blooms, botanical, floral gumnuts, and vintage prints.
While other designs include vanilla sprinkles and birds print.

Age range

These are the perfect newborn bows. As the elastic used is the same for all our baby girl bows they can be used up to the age of five.


It is extremely important for us to be using organic materials. We hand stitch the bow to the elastic to ensure no glue or toxins are used in the making process.

Designer Profile Picture
Designer Profile

Written By: Luisa Figueroa – Designer ProfileOwner, designer, and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of baby products. I have been working within the fashion industry for over 15 years and specialising in baby accessories for the last 5. My love of fashion has enabled me to work and study around the world.

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