Baby Gift Card

Sometimes you don’t know what to give for a baby shower present or to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby. So a popular and easy present is a baby gift card.

In this article we touch on the following subject;

  • The types of gift vouchers
  • How do you use them
  • How much should you spend?
  • Should you give a gift card?
  • What is a gift card baby shower?
  • What to look for in a voucher or baby gift card
  • Who to address it to and what to write
  • Pros and cons of giving them

Types of baby gift vouchers

There are two types of vouchers you can give. These are;

  •  Physical Card – This is a card that can be handed over to the mum to be. It will have the value “loaded” onto it. And it will show you which baby stores it can be used at.
  • Electronic Voucher – An electronic voucher is known as an e-voucher. The company will set up a coupon code and add this to their online store. The coupon code is then emailed to the recipient.

How do you use a gift card for a baby shower?

Each company’s baby gift voucher is different. So read the terms and conditions carefully. 

To use a physical gift card you visit the store where they are accepted. This can vary depending on which card you are given. Once you have selected the products you would like, go to the checkout. Here they will scan your card and the amount will be deducted based on your purchase value. The remaining value is left on your card and given back to you. If you spend more than the value of the voucher you will need to pay the difference.

For an e-voucher, you will receive an email or a printout of it. This will have a value and a coupon code. Depending on the baby shower gift shop you will be able to use this online or in-store. If you choose to use it in-store it can be used in the same way as a physical card. If you choose to use it online select the products you wish from the vendor’s website. When you checkout add the coupon code and this will be deducted from your shopping cart value. You will either have to pay more if the products you selected are above the voucher value. Or, if it is under, you will be able to use the remaining value at a later date.

Baby Gift Card

What is an appropriate gift card amount for a baby shower?

The appropriate gift card amount you spend on a baby shower would be the same as if this were to buy a physical gift. And this will depend on your relationship with the parents to be. But a good starting point would be between $50 and $80. To assist we have written a detailed guide on what you should spend for a baby shower gift.

Is it OK to give a gift card for a baby shower? 

Yes, giving a gift card for a baby shower is acceptable. This is especially true if you are in a different country, unable to attend or if it’s for a virtual baby shower. Some parents prefer receiving gift cards and even hold a “Gift Card Baby Shower”. Yet, we don’t recommend this and have written more about this below.

What is a gift card baby shower?

This is a baby shower where instead of people bringing gifts they give gift cards. But this comes across as tacky. The person who is giving the present should decide if they would like to give a voucher or a physical present. Not the person who the party is for. Otherwise, it looks like you have invited guests to get money.

What to look for in companies that offer baby gift cards

Once you have decided that you want to give a gift card or e-voucher there are many things to consider. These are;

  • Expiring dates — The longer an expiry date the better. This means you have more time to use it. Most companies offer a 1-year expiry while we offer 2 years.
  • Selection of products — You should get a voucher for a shop that is appropriate for a baby. Make sure the store offers a range of newborn and baby products. The gift card should be age-appropriate as the recipient will have to use it within the expiry period.
  • Physical card or e-voucher — Does the shop offer a physical card, e-voucher or both? Try to select a card that offers both these options.
  • Where can you use it — Can you use the voucher at a range of different brands or stores. Or is it only able to be used at one location? 
  • Payment options —Choose a card where the shop offers a range of payment options. These include credit card, bank card, Paypal and afterpay. The more options available the better it is for the purchaser.
  • To use online, in-store or both — Does the voucher or card allow you to use it in-store,  online or both. And does the recipient prefer to shop online or in-store?
  • Are there any fees — Check the terms and conditions or with the store to see if they charge any fees. Most companies don’t but it is best to check before making a purchase.

How to address and what to write in a baby gift card

So you have brought your card or voucher and want to know how to address it and what to write on it. We suggest addressing it to the couple, not just the mother. This way the whole family feels involved.

Writing on the voucher can be difficult. Start off by congratulating them and expressing how exciting it is to have a new baby. Offer support and wish them lots of love.

Baby shower gifts in rainbow print
Gift set in rainbow print

Pros and cons of baby gift voucher

If you want to buy a voucher or card instead of a physical gift there are both positives and negatives. These include;

  • Convenience — Buying and giving the voucher or card is very easy and convenient.
  • Buy what they want — The person who is receiving the voucher is able to choose what they want. There may be items that were on the registry which weren’t purchased. So they can use the voucher to get what they need.
  • East to use — A voucher or card is easy for the recipient to use. If it’s an online voucher they can shop from the comfort of their own home. While if it’s for a brick and mortar store they can see and touch all the products on the shelf.
  • Unsure of recipient taste — You may be unsure of the recipient’s taste. Or don’t know them well enough to buy a physical gift. In this instance, a baby gift voucher is perfect.
  • They already have everything — The parents to be might be celebrating a baby sprinkle for their 2nd or 3rd child. In this case, a voucher would be ideal as they already have lots of baby products.
  • Easy to lose — Unfortunately gift cards or e-vouchers can be lost. And once misplaced they are impossible to use. E-vouchers may be a little easier to recover if you contact the place of sale.
  • Expiry date — All vouchers and cards will have an expiry date. These will vary from company to company so choose carefully. Once this expiry date has passed you will no longer be able to use your card.
  • Store Specific — Most cards will be store specific so you will be limited in choice on what can be brought. There are exceptions and the Woolworths gift card is an example. Here you can shop over 40 companies within their group and partners.
  • Non-Refundable — As the buyer, you aren’t able to get a refund. And the recipient isn’t able to exchange this for money.
  • Don’t like them — Some people just don’t like them. For one reason or another, they would prefer a baby shower gift.
  • Impersonal — Vouchers or gift cards can be seen as impersonal. It could appear as if you haven’t made an effort to find a gift the parents would like.

We hope this article has provided you with some insights into buying gift cards and vouchers. If you have any questions or would like a specific dollar value made up for you please contact me.

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