Best Baby Gifts Ideas

It can be difficult to choose the perfect so we have made life easier and chosen 13 of the best baby gift ideas which any parent would love to receive.

We have chosen a selection of age-appropriate, stylish and practical products. Each cater to different tastes and include Australian made, Eco-friendly, and quality handmade products. All items can be purchased from our online store so no need to troll through endless websites.

1. Gifts Set

These have a personal feeling and show that you have made the effort to find a present that’s practical and stylish.

With a vast selection to choose from, there is a gift set to suit anyone’s budget. Each set comes complete with practical items that are perfect for a newborn baby.

There is a wide variety of prints to choose from which including unisex, boys, and girls’ designs. If you are looking for a present which is easy to organise yet stylish and practical you can’t go past these sets.

Each one comes with a card and beautifully packaged so all that’s required is to write your best wishes and celebrate the birth of the new baby. If you would like the present sent directly to the recipient we can write in the card for you and ship directly to them.

2. Burp Cloths

Handmade in Australia, these beautifully crafted burp cloths are perfect for new parents.

They are designed to protect your clothes while feeding and burping. It’s perfect for putting over visitors’ clothes when they are holding the newborn. Made with a selection of vibrant and stylish prints for both boys and girls, the burp cloth will be the perfect inclusion to any nappy and hospital bag.

The front is made with cotton material while the backing is from a bamboo cotton mix. These materials are both Eco friendly and sustainable making this the perfect organic gift.

3. Bibs

One of the most practical baby gift ideas you could possibly give. A good bib is something that will be used over and over again. Designed to keep a baby dry, a good quality bib will reduce the amount of drool that seeps through to the baby’s clothes. This in turn reduces the number of clothes washing parents needs to do.

Our bibs all have two layers with the front being a cotton material. The second layer is a mixture of bamboo cotton which is ultra-absorbent. There is a space between the layers that capture the drool and reduces the amount of moisture going through to the baby’s clothes.

The two snap fasteners are placed along the neck of the bib to make them adjustable to suit a growing baby, therefore getting longer life from them.

With a selection of three different types to choose from, including the baby, bandana, and large bib there is a style to suit any baby’s style and outfit.

There are prints specifically for boys and girls as well as unisex designs. The prints are sourced throughout the world as well as local Australian designs. Therefore making sure your purchase is current and on-trend.

4. Hair Accessories

When buying for a girl you have larger options. One of these is a girl’s hair accessory.

There are numerous options and styles to choose from and we have included four types. We offer the newborn, baby, large, and top knot styles of hair accessories.

All the bows are made with a cotton material while the headbands use a nylon nude colour elastic which is non-marking and gentle on the babies’ skin.

Each item is handmade and sewn together, ensuring no glues or toxins are used in the making process.

With a large selection of prints to choose from, there is a design to go with any little girl’s outfit.

5. Teething Toys

From approximately 3 months, a baby will start to teeth. During this time you can expect that there will be many tears, lots of sleepless nights, and some sore gums. Teething toys are designed to help ease this pain and stimulate the growth of their gums.

We offer two types of teething toys. The bunny and love heart styles. Both of these are handmade in Australia. Made with a hardwood ring and a cotton bamboo material they are an organic alternative to plastic teethers.

Both styles have been tested, approved, and certified to the mandatory Australian Standards for teething toys. Available is a selection of prints to suit both boys and girls so they can teeth in style.

6. Wash Cloth

Bath time can be an exciting time for both parents and babies alike. Coming in a set of three, the washcloth can be used by the whole family.

This baby washcloth is a simple yet practical gift idea for babies that are made from a 100% cotton bamboo mix. Eco-friendly material is soft on the baby’s skin while being gentle on the environment.

They can also be used for a variety of purposes. They are perfect as a face cloth during mealtime. After a nappy change, it can be used to clean up and then washed thoroughly. It can also be used as a teether. Just wet a little, freeze for a while and then let the baby chew to relieve their gum soreness.

7. Koala Bamboo Plate

This Koala bamboo plate keeps feeding time fun. The plate contains different sections so no food needs to touch each other. You can enjoy feeding both the koala and baby together and make a game of it, sorting out those fussy eaters forever.

The large koala plate has plenty of room and raised edges to minimize the mess. It’s made from bamboo which is a sustainable material that grows quickly. Making this bamboo plate one of the most Eco-friendly plates available.

8. Suction Plate

Keeping on the feeding subject, this suctioned baby plate makes for a great gift idea for babies.

As the suction plate sticks to tables the baby can learn how to feed themselves and improve their motor skills at the same time. The suction cup makes sure that the plate doesn’t get tipped over or spilled. Reducing mess and clean up.

Like the koala plate, the suction plate is predominately made of bamboo. Therefore it’s another Eco-friendly alternative for feeding plates.

9. Wooden Milestone Discs

The milestone discs are a great gift idea for a baby shower. They are a stylish accessory that can be used as soon as the baby is born and for the following twelve months.

Celebrate the birth and the babies’ first birthday as well as every month in between with these milestone discs. Made from wood these are designed to be long-lasting and suitable for the babies’ first twelve months and any other subsequent babies.  The recipient will be able to look back on the photos and remember those milestones with fondness and joy.

10. Natursutten Dummies

When it comes to dummies you can’t go past the Natursutten range. Made from 100% natural rubber and made with no chemicals, these are the perfect dummy for those who care for the environment and are searching for an organic product.

Like many of our products, this is an environmentally friendly item as it’s made entirely from the sap of the rubber tree. In addition, these are a safe option as there are no joints in the dummy, ensuring that no mold forms in the cracks.

11. Dummy Chains

Safety counts when it comes to baby products and this is why we stock the Basics brand of dummy chains. These are assembled in Australia and have been tested and certified to the mandatory Australian Standards.

The dummy chain is a staple in any nappy bag and attaches to the babies’ clothes and dummy so no more lost dummies.

We offer three colours to choose from including a gender-neutral cream, pink and grey. Made from silicon and wooden bead these are both stylish, practical, and safe.

12. Baby Record Books

Baby record books are a beautiful keepsake memento which will be able to be passed down from one generation to the next.

With plenty of room to add photos or include memories of the babies “firsts”, this gift idea is both stylish and practical.

There is a selection of baby diaries available including some beautiful pregnancy journals and record books. Some of the range is designed to capture the first twelve months while others have details for up to five years.

They are a great journal to record all those memories including first steps, first teeth, and of course first words. They can also be used to record all your thoughts, trials, and tribulations.

13. Gift Cards

Finally, when purchasing a gift card you know that the parents will spend it on products that they want. You won’t be wasting money buying a present that they already have or may never use. This card enables them to choose the exact style, colours, and products which they need.

They are perfect for overseas friends and families as the e-gift card is cheap and convenient.

We hope these baby gift ideas have helped you choose the perfect present and if you have any questions please comment below or get in touch.