As a parent, we have brought so many presents over time we know the perfect baby presents when we see them. So much so we have added a large selection of these to our online store.

Below we have listed some of our products which we stock which are perfect for a baby shower or newborn. These include ideas from the moment someone finds out they are pregnant through to when their baby becomes a bigger child.

Pregnancy Journal

One of our most popular items is Australia designed pregnancy journals. Perfect as a pregnancy present and are small enough to fit in a handbag. It has room for appointments, weekly writings, and space for photos.

With the pregnancy journal, the parents can start preparing for the birth and first years of life. Many new parents have no idea what to buy so we have developed the baby shopping list.

Baby Shower and Newborn

We have a selection of baby shower presents that are ideal for any new parent to be. The large deluxe set is perfect for friends or colleagues to share the cost. Full of practical and stylish products. These include a baby bib, bandana bib, burp cloth, dummy chain, dummy, and baby book. Besides the deluxe box, we have a selection of smaller sets.

The newborn sets are the smallest of our sets. This set comes with a handmade bandana bib and organic teether. Available in a range of boys, girls, and unisex prints there is something for everyone. They come wrapped and complete with a card ready to hand over to the new parents and baby.

We also have baby boy presents and are full of stylish and practical products to suit any little boy. The baby boy set come wrapped with a card and contains a bunny teether, bandana bib, baby bib, and burp cloth.

baby presents in sage

In our baby girl presents you will find a selection of our handmade products. These include a headband, burp cloth, teething ring, bandana dribble bib, and baby bib. Like all our sets these are beautifully wrapped and include a card.

Australian Themed Baby Ideas

We specialise in making high-quality baby products here in Australia. We go out of our way to source a selection of Australiana prints for both boys and girls. Our current range of Australia prints is Koalas, kangaroos, Eucalyptus, botanical, and floral gum nuts. For more information explore our Australian baby gifts blog.

Milestone cards

If you are looking for a unique baby gift idea prior to the arrival of the baby. They are perfect for those photoshoots and first pictures. The wooden discs include the “I’m Here”, “One week old” and a monthly disc from one month through to twelve months.

Natursutten Dummy

When the baby is earthside you may like to give a Natursutten dummy. The Natursutten dummy is an organic pacifier made from 100% natural rubber. There are many benefits of the Natursutten dummy over regular dummies. They are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and 100% natural. They are safe to use and approved to Australian standards. The dummy is made to follow the baby’s mouth movements so it doesn’t leave a mark on their face.

Dummy clips

When it comes to any baby items the most important thing is safety. The “basics” range of dummy clips are assembled in Australia. They have been tested and approved to Australian standards. Not only are they safe, but these are also super stylish. We offer a selection of three colours to choose from including pink, grey, and aqua dummy chain.

Baby washcloths

Although this won’t be used straight after birth, the baby washcloth can be used by the whole family. The washcloths come in a pack of three so one can be used for mum, one for dad and one for the newborn baby. They are a natural product that has been made with an organic cotton and bamboo mix. The texture is like a flannel feeling so it’s soft for the babies’ delicate skin.

Burp cloths

Following the birth, one of the first things a parent may reach for is the burp cloth. They can be used as a protector for your clothes while you are feeding. It can also be put over your shoulder while you are burping the baby. The backing is soft and absorbent while the front is made from cotton material. The prints are available in a selection of unisex, boys, and girls prints.


You can’t beat the quality of a My Little Love Heart bib. They are both stylish, practical, and handmade in Australia. With a choice of three designs, there is a style to suit any baby. The types we offer are;

Bandana bibs

The most popular of our bibs are the bandana style bib. It comes with 2 adjustable fasteners so you can increase the size as the baby develops. They have an absorbent backing to keep your baby dry and come in a range of unisex, boys, and girls’ prints. The pleats in the front help capture excess drool and prevent it from seeping through to the babies’ skin and clothes.

Baby bibs

Our baby bibs are the perfect idea for a present idea and have been designed for newborns and small babies. The front is made from cotton material. They are available in a selection of prints sourced from around the world. The backing is an organic cotton bamboo mix that is perfect for the baby’s skin.

Large bibs

Our handmade large bibs are designed for those messy eaters. Also for those who want to protect as much of the babies’ clothes as possible. They are made from the same materials as the bandana and baby style bibs. Should you be unsure of which to purchase we recommend reading our blog on which bibs to choose.

Teething toys

Approximately four months after the birth they may start teething. We feel that the best way for a baby to teeth is to use an organic and natural teething toy. We didn’t like the idea of a baby putting plastic teething toys in their mouth so we developed two natural organic teething rings. These have both been tested and approved to Australian standards and are handmade in Australia.

Bunny teether

The first teether we made was the bunny teether which makes for a fantastic idea. The ring is made from a natural hardwood which is ideal for the baby to chew on and stimulate the gums. The bunny ears are a fun little inclusion and perfect for the baby to grab onto. This can be used as a teething toy and as a stylish stand-alone toy.

Love Heart Teether

A natural and toxin-free teething alternative, the Love Heart Teether is our very own design. This is made with the same hardwood ring as the bunny teether while the cotton fabric is made into a Love Heart shape. Available in a selection of unisex, girls, and boys prints these teethers are a practical and safe present.

Hair Accessories

Should your loved one be blessed with the birth of a baby girl our handmade hair accessories make for the ideal baby girl present. With four styles to choose from, we have a selection to suit any baby girl.

Newborn Bows

Perfect for newborns, these handmade newborn bows are ideal for those first photos. Available in a selection of solid prints and colourful designs, these bows will look adorable on any baby girl.

Baby Headbands

Our most popular hair accessories, the baby girls’ headband are handmade in Australia. These can also be used for newborns or for slightly bigger babies. Available in a selection of floral prints and designs as well as bold solid colours.


The larger headband is also handmade in Australia and perfect for a toddler. All our headbands are hand-stitched to a soft elastic which ensures no toxic glues are used in the making process.

Top knots

Available in a selection of sizes including baby, toddler, and adult. You can also buy a set such as the baby and adult or toddler and adult top knots so the new mum and daughter can match. For more information read our blog on our baby girl hair accessories.

Baby Books

If you are searching for a keepsake present you can’t go past the selection of baby journals and keepsake books we offer. We have three to choose from and include the;

Baby Journal — The First Year

The baby journal is ideal for a newborn and is perfect for writing all the babies’ details from pre-birth to one year of age. It comes with a gold embossed linen box, title, and spine and with 120gsm internal paper with 96 pages. There are also prompts throughout to help with writer’s block.

Baby Record Book — Grey

This record book is designed to capture the first five years of the baby’s life. There is plenty of room to add photos, write about your pregnancy, and tell your birth story. You can include details of your baby shower and document the days you spent in the hospital after giving birth. With many first milestones, there is room to detail them all. Finally, there is a section to write the best wishes for the parents.

Baby Book — Pink

With the same internals as the baby record book, this baby book in pink is ideal for a baby girl. This journal has been designed in Australia and comes in pink with a linen hardcover. Both the title and spine are embossed.

Suction Plate

We brought a bamboo baby suction plate when our daughter was a toddler and it was a life-changer for us. Our daughter started to try and feed herself which helped in developing her motor skills. Although it was very messy (lucky we had the large bibs) the suction plate ensured that the bowl wasn’t tipped upside down on the floor.

In addition, as it comes in a rainbow shape it can make feeding time fun. No more mixing the peas in with the mashed potatoes or the apple touching the strawberries!

First Birthday Ideas

You will notice how quickly the baby grows and before long it will be time to start shopping for the baby’s first birthday present. We have developed three bibs for you to celebrate the baby’s first birthday with a choice of three to choose from. The grey bib would make for a perfect boy or unisex present and addition to any first birthday.

If you have any suggestions you would like added to our Perth based baby shop please leave a comment below.