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Baby Shopping List

List of things you need for a new baby

Have you prepared your newborn baby shopping list yet? We would like to share our experience in what we found helpful in those first few years of having our baby girl.

We would like to preempt this by stressing that every parent and baby is different and have their individual needs. Below are some items you may need for a baby which we found helpful.

When purchasing any item it is recommended to read product tags and descriptions to ensure they meet the relevant Australian Standards and best practice. This SIDS guide for safe sleeping is also an essential read as well as this resource for children’s car seats.

The topics covered in this newborn baby checklist include;

    • Health
    • Baby Clothes
    • Feeding
    • Bath and Hygiene
    • Changing
    • Nursery Room
    • Sleeping
    • Baby Proofing
    • Going out and Travel
  • First time mum essentials


Thermometer- The baby thermometer is the first thing on our baby essentials list and for good reason. It comes in handy when you need it most to check if your baby or child has a temperature.

First Aid Kit- Although you might already have a first aid kit, now is a good time to replenish all the missing items. It is best to do this before your baby is born as there are many scrapes and bruises to come.

Antiseptic Wipes- These will become your best friend and will be the first you pack into your nappy bag. Generally, the standard supermarket variety will do.

Hand Cream Steriliser- Another item that will not leave your side and be used on a daily basis. We ended up having little bottles of the sanitiser cream all over the house and in the car.

Nail Clippers- Probably not one of the first things to add to the newborn baby checklist but something that you will be using for a long time.

Phone Numbers- Although technically this shouldn’t be on a baby shopping list, we found keeping our doctors and other emergency phone numbers in an easy to access place a good idea.

Baby Clothes

Styled by Snow Cherry Media

Onesies- I suggest you have a lot of these and my preference was the bonds wondersuit with the zip rather than the studs. The zip means the clothing and nappy changes are so much easier.

Under Clothes Vests- The under vests are a must have to keep your baby warm. They are constantly getting dirty and wet so would recommend buying a few of these.

Cardigans- Warmth is once again the reason to have a cardigan or two ready for when your baby arrives home.

Beanie- Not used a great deal however it is helpful to keep your baby warm especially in the winter months.

Mittens- Although some babies don’t need mittens they are a good idea to cover your babies hands so their nails don’t scratch their sensitive skin.

Socks- Purely for keeping bub warm, the socks are a must have especially during winter.

Baby Clothes Hangers- The more the merrier for the baby clothes hangers and another item that will be used for years to come. Not the first thing you would purchase but they do come in handy.


Bottles- Even if you are breastfeeding you should have a few extra bottles so you can express feed later. There is a large number to choose from including glass, plastic and even disposable bottle.

Nipples- Make sure you ready the indicator guide to choose which nipple is right for you. It is also a better idea to buy the same brand bottle and nipple.

Bottle Steriliser- Although not an essential item, anything that helps in those first few months are very appreciated. This is a great resource to decide if the bottle steriliser is suitable for you.

Bottle Cleaning Brush- These should come with the bottle sterilisers you have purchased. However, if it doesn’t or you don’t have a steriliser you can buy a new one from the major supermarket chains.

Baby Formula- Even if you are breastfeeding there is no harm in having some baby formula handy. Here is a great resource on how to prepare formula for bottle feeding at home.

Feeding Pillow- Although not essential, the feeding pillow does make feeding time a little more comfortable for both baby and mum.

Bibs- As almost everything baby related there is a huge amount to choose from. We recommend reading our blog on how to choose which is the best bib for you and your baby and possibly buying one of our handmade baby bibs.

Burp Cloths- You will not need a huge amount unless your bub suffers from reflux. When choosing a baby burping cloth make sure they have a terry or bamboo backing as this helps with absorbing the vomits and spit ups.

Breast PumpThe day we came home from hospital I had excruciating pain in my breast. My daughter wasnt drink as much as my body was producing so I sent my husband out to buy a pump. I did use this regularly to express milk so my husband could feed at night time or when I wasn’t available.

High Chair- No need for the expensive high chair version as the Ikea four-legged high chair does the job perfectly.

Bath and Hygiene

Baby Bath- Depending on your budget there is a style for everyone. Look for a baby bath that has plenty of storage underneath for easy access to towels, nappies and all items you need at your fingertips.

Hooded Bath Towel- Even in the summer months a hooded towel will be used every day. You don’t need to go overboard as just one or two towels should be enough.

Rubber Ducky Thermometer- My husband was paranoid about having the water too hot for bath time and always called me to check until we brought the rubber duck thermometer.

Face Washer / Wash Cloth- Not an essential item, however, a soft washcloth is great for cleaning your babies face and skin. Also perfect for feeding, nappy changes and any other time your baby makes a little mess.

Baby Soap- For the first few months we used water to bath our daughter. When she was a little older, around 6 months we started using the Johnson and Johnson baby bath soap.


Changing Table- When purchasing a changing table make sure the design has sides high enough that your baby won’t roll off. Babies do roll off changing tables so be alert and never leave them unattended.

Changing Mat- The bath changing mat is different from the changing mat you would put in your nappy bag. Designed especially for use straight after a bath and waterproof.

Nappies- Whichever you choose make sure you buy a lot and even have a small backup stash. You will go through so many and will always run out at the most inconvenient time.

Baby Wipes- One of the first things to buy and to pack in your nappy bag. Perfect for cleaning your babies bottom and virtually everything else. Supermarket brand wipes will do just fine and come in small sizes ideal for your handbag.

Sudocrem- You can’t have a newborn baby list without Sudocrem. This is a must for any newborn baby and will help with nappy rash.

Nursery Room

Baby Monitor- These are available in a large range from a budget monitor through to the deluxe unit which comes complete with sensors and video camera. This is definitely a choice depending on budget and requirements.

Night Light- During night time feeds and also those late night checks a small night light won’t go astray. You will be able to check up on your baby without falling over the endless toys you seem to accumulate.

Rocking Chair- Personality for us this was one of the most practical items we purchased. From using it to breastfeeding at the start to rocking our daughter to sleep there wouldn’t have been a day where we didn’t use it.

Toys- Without going into great details there is a huge amount of toys to choose from. Ranging from the basic toys to the extravagant products available.


Bassinet- Although not essential to buy a bassinet if you choose to do so we recommend reading the Choice guide on how to choose a bassinet.

Bassinet Mattress and bedding- If you choose to buy a bassinet make sure you also purchase the mattress and bedding to suit. The above choice guide gives a good indication of what you should look for in regards to safety standards.

Cot, mattress and bedding- With a large selection to choose from the purchase of a cot is a personal one depending on sleep arrangements. The starting blocks website has a great guide to choosing a safe cot.

Pacifiers and Dummies- With many choices of soothers available it is a difficult choice to make. If you are more inclined to choose a natural rubber dummy you can’t go past the Natursutten natural rubber soother.

Swaddles- There are a number if swaddles to choose from so a must-read resource is the do’s and don’ts of swaddling before making your purchase.

Baby Sleeping Bag- Sleeping bags are designed for babies after they have grown out of swaddling. The ergo pouch is an Australian made product and their detailed product description allows you to make an informed choice.

Blanket- Baby blankets are nice to have however according to the American Academy of Pediatrics they should not be used before 12 months of age.

Baby Proofing

Electric Outlet Covers- As this is a relatively cheap item I would recommend buying some. These are designed to put into your electric outlets and prevent your baby or toddler inserting items into the electric sockets.

Stair Gates- These are a must for houses with stairs and should be used at both bottom and top of the staircase. We also had them around the television so when they are learning to walk they won’t pull it on top of themselves.

Draw Latches- Definitely not an essential item however if you are keen to keep a clean kitchen then give them a go.

Corner Guards for Low Tables- Definitely not a priority and more of a nice to have. We found it easier to put away low tables until our daughter was a bit older.

Going out and travel

Nappy Bag- The nappy bag is more of a personal taste. Make sure they have plenty of space, lots of pockets, adjustable padded shoulder strap and easy to carry.

Car Seat- With a vast selection of car seats to choose from there is a choice for every budget. We decided to buy one that would last us to seven years. One recommendation is to have it installed by a professional as the first time putting them in can be difficult.

Sun Blinds- Especially in Australia these are an essential item. They are used on the back windows to protect your baby from the hot summer sun.

Pram or Stroller- One of the bigger purchases you will make be sure to do your research. If you will be lifting it into your car every day ensure that it is lightweight. Will it have enough storage space and is it mobile and small enough to go through shopping isles? Is it easy to open and close especially with one hand? The pram is an item that you should test drive to see if it fits your lifestyle.

Pram or Stroller Cover- Especially during summer this is an essential item to protect your baby from Australia’s harsh sun. A lot of prams come with a sun cover so check before you buy one.

First time mum essentials list

Breast Pads- I used the Rite Aid breast discs virtually the day my daughter was born. This combined with the nipple cream was helpful in reducing the pain from breastfeeding.

Nipple Cream- The Lansinoh nipple cream was my go-to nipple cream during feeding. Breastfeeding can be a very painful experience so any pain relief is welcome. My nipples were cracked so much I ended up having a laser treatment which was a huge help.

Maternity Pads- Best to stock up on these prior to the birth of your baby and make sure you have maternity pads rather than the sanitary pads.

Baby Books- Ideal to record your babies firsts or even your pregnancy, these are a wonderful keepsake and will be a great gift to hand down to your family.

Food- Pre-cook as many meals as possible so you can reheat and eat in no time. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find the time to eat in the first days, weeks and months after giving birth.

Help- Do not be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from friends, family, neighbours, other parents or online resources there are always people willing and able to assist.

We wish you the best of luck in preparing for your baby and hope the above information has been helpful. If you feel that there is something missing or incorrect we would love to hear your thoughts.

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