Baby Shower Gifts that are Practical and Stylish

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Authors Note: This post was updated in April 2020 to include current prints and more baby gifts ideas.

I love baby showers. I love everything about them. The cakes, decorations, the games and of course the gift shopping. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few baby showers and most of the time I’m more excited than the mum to be. So when it came to putting together the best baby shower gift ideas for our online baby store I couldn’t wait.

Australian Floral Gumnuts baby shower gift ideas

What is a Baby Shower

A baby shower is the throwing of a party to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. Games with a pregnancy-related or baby theme are played, food is provided and gifts are given to the expectant mum.

Etiquette of a Baby Shower

Baby showers are held a few months before the baby is born. It’s a women’s only party yet it’s becoming more common for the dad to be and the parents’ male friends and family to attend.

The majority of the time it’s held for only the first baby. This is to assist new parents with the huge expenses of having a baby.

It is common for a friend or family member to host the baby shower. This is to not appear to be throwing a party just for the parents to receive gifts.

Do you have to bring a gift to a baby shower?

When attending a baby shower it’s recommended to buy a present for the expectant parents. The preference is for the guest to buy a gift that will assist the first twelve months of care for the baby.

What do you buy for a baby shower?

We recommend buying a gift that is age-appropriate, stylish, high quality, and practical. We have a large selection of baby shower present ideas in our shop. Otherwise, read our baby shopping checklist for more inspiration.

How much should I spend on a baby shower presents?

This depends on the individuals’ circumstances. When looking for gifts for co-workers I would be spending around $20-$30. For a close friend $60 and for a family member $100. In saying this, I’m sure the mum to be will be more than happy with your attendance rather than how much you have spent.

What are the best baby shower gifts?

The gift should be something that the parents will be able to use in the first twelve months of having their baby. This is how we decided on what should be in our baby gift sets.

How to choose the best baby shower present

Here are some of the things we recommend to look for when choosing a gift for a new baby or baby shower;

  • Practical — When choosing a gift we recommend looking for a practical present. The last thing you want is for your gift to be sitting in the back of a cupboard never to be used.
  • Unique — Buy a unique gift as you don’t want to turn up to the hospital or baby shower with the same gift as everyone else. The recipient will appreciate the effort you make.
  • Age-appropriate- The item should be age-appropriate. There’s no point in buying a bicycle for a newborn.
  • Stylish — You want to give a present which looks fantastic. An item where the parents to be will be proud to show off the amazing gift they received from you.
  • Australia Made — It’s great to support small and local businesses. Where possible, search for gifts that’s made in Australia. You will be helping the local economy and supporting Australian businesses.
Our Gift Sets

We offer four sizes of gift sets, all with the majority of the products handmade in Australia. Each one is suitable for a baby shower or newborn.

Newborn Baby Gift

The first set we offer is the newborn baby gifts set which are the smallest. There is a wide selection of prints suitable for both boys and girls. We also offer a range of unisex prints for those who are having a surprise baby.

This is perfect as a newborn present as both items can be used within the first six months of life. The set includes the bandana dribble bib, bunny teether, and a card of your choice. All which comes gift wrapped ready to hand over to the lucky recipient.

Sage baby shower presents

Baby Boy Gift Set

This set makes the ideal gift for baby boys and is full of unique and practical items. In addition to the bandana bib, bunny teether, and card. The boys’ gift set includes a baby bib and burp cloth.

This set is larger than our newborn set and is full of prints specifically for a boy. Our current prints for boys include the feathers, kangaroo, circles, koala, spots in gold, eucalyptus, crosses, navy stripes, indigo, leaf, and abstract designs. We also have a Whales print which has been designed exclusively for us, making sure your gift is both original and unique.

baby boy gift set in leaf

Baby Girl Gift Set

The gift sets for girls include all the items in the boys present plus a headband. This set is suitable to celebrate a newborn or baby shower.

Our current prints for girls include botanical, floral gumnuts, blossoms in peach, vintage, dots on peach, bird perch, flamingos, and watermelon. The bird perch and flamingos are two more original prints that have been designed exclusively for us.

girls baby gifts in watermelon print

Deluxe Baby Shower Presents Set

We are always coming up with new and unique gifts ideas for a baby shower and we think we have nailed it with the luxury deluxe baby gift set. This comes with some of our handmade products coupled with items that both the parents and baby will love. Our products including the bunny teether, bandana bib, burping cloth, and baby bib.

In addition, we have also added the dummy, dummy chain, and a baby record book. Ideal for a group of friends to chip in to share the cost or for a corporate gift for the mum to be before her maternity leave. This set is full of quality, stylish and practical products.

Deluxe Baby shower gift ideas in crosses Print

Card, Wrapping, and Message

Each of our four sets comes complete with a choice of three cards. This includes a baby boy, baby girl, or baby shower card. These are blank inside ready for you to write your congratulations and best wishes for the baby or mother.

Our gift boxes come gift wrapped in a recycled cardboard box so there is nothing for you to do but offer your best wishes and hand over this unique, original, and practical gift which will be the envy of all the other guests.

If you are living overseas and would like us to send it straight to the recipient, we are happy to write in the card and post directly for you.

Other Baby Gift Ideas

You may feel that the items we have chosen aren’t what you would like to include in your gift box. Instead, you can build your own set online and include the items of your choice. Just let us know that it’s for a gift and we will wrap it ready for the lucky parents.

Some of the other products you may like to include in the sets are below. These also make wonderful individual presents.

Bandana Bibs– This bib is the staple of all our newborn and baby shower presents and is both stylish and practical. The front is made from eco-friendly cotton. The backing is made from a cotton and bamboo mix, both of which are sustainable materials. This is an absorbent material and soft to touch, making it perfect for your baby’s skin.

The pleats in the design assist in capturing excess drool and reducing the amount that seeps through to the baby’s clothes. We are always getting compliments from mums on how absorbent the bibs are how they love the patterns we choose.

Baby Bibs– Included in our boys, girls, and baby shower sets, this bib is perfect for newborn babies. With two snap fasteners, they are easily adjustable while the attachment is located on the side for easy access for newborns.

The soft bamboo cotton backing is soft and perfect for a baby’s skin. The wide variety of prints available enables you to show your style.

Large Bibs– Designed for those messy eaters, the large bib has ample coverage to keep your baby’s clothes from getting ruined. Like all our bibs, they have two adjustable fasteners to suit a growing baby.

With four styles to choose from, we have a range of baby hair accessories to suit any little girl. If the mum to be has let you know she is having a girl, we can offer a selection of hair accessories which would be the perfect gift for a baby shower.

Newborn Hair Bows – The smallest of our hair accessories, these bows are perfect for a newborn girl. They are the ideal size as they are proportional to the new baby’s head.

Baby Headbands– Our most popular girl hair accessory, the baby headband is a beautiful stand-alone gift and an ideal size for both babies and toddlers alike.

Headband– The larger size headband is included in our large girls’ gift sets. They are handmade with cotton which is then hand sewn onto the nude colour elastic. Meaning no glues or toxins are used in the making process.

Top Knots– Our final hair accessory is the baby top knot head wrap. These cotton top knots are all the rage and make for a beautiful girl’s baby present.

In all our gift box sets are the bunny teethers. The teething ring is made with a hardwood ring and is perfect for your baby to chew. While the ears are great for them to grip onto.

Our top priority is safety which is why we’ve had both our teether toys tested and approved to Australia Standards for teethers.

Teething is a difficult time so our teether will be one of the first things the parents will be reaching for. We make our teether toys as natural as possible as we hate the thought of the baby putting plastic toys in their mouths.

The baby shower, baby girl and baby boy sets all come with a handmade burp cloth. These are ideal for covering your clothes during and after feeding or burping. Both stylish and practical these are super absorbent and extra soft for wiping the babies face.

These burping cloths also make for a stylish standalone gift which the parents will be using soon after the baby is born.

Baby Washcloth

Another one of our handmade items which we make ourselves here in Australia. The baby washcloth comes in a pack of three perfect for the whole family.

Made from an organic cotton bamboo mix this is soft on the babies’ skin and can also double up as a teething toy!

Pregnancy Journals and Baby Books

For those that love to write you can’t go past the baby pregnancy journal or baby record book. This makes for an ideal keepsake gift and something the recipient can pass down from generation to generation. There is a selection to choose from including pregnancy and baby books.

Bamboo Plates

These bamboo feeding plates go hand in hand with our range of bibs. Made from an eco-friendly bamboo material these make for the perfect gift for any environmentally conscious parent to be.

Wooden Milestone Discs

These milestone discs are a great idea as they will be used the day of the birth and regularly for the next year. The parents will be able to celebrate all the big milestones from the day they are born through to their first birthday.

Dummy Clips

Included in our larger baby shower box, these Australian Standards certified dummy clips are another great standalone idea. With a selection of three to choose from, we have a dummy clip for anyone’s style.

Natursutten Dummies

These make for the ideal baby gift for the parents who plan to give their baby a dummy. An Eco-friendly pacifier made from 100% natural rubber you will have peace of mind that no toxins are used in the making process.

E- Gift Cards

Sometimes you can not make up your mind or you are just unsure what present to give at the baby shower. With a gift card, you can’t go wrong. The recipient will be able to choose exactly what they want and which styles and prints they prefer. Available in different denominations to suit any budget.

Delivery and Payment Options

We deliver Australia wide and internationally although we suggest sending any gift to a residential or business address and not a hospital.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you, therefore, we offer multiple payment solutions which are Afterpay, credit card, and Paypal.

If there is anything else you would like to know about any of our gift boxes please contact us.