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Baby Shower Gifts that are Practical and Stylish

Authors Note: This post was updated in January 2021 to include more baby shower gifts ideas.

I love baby showers. I love everything about them. The cakes, decorations, the games and of course the gifts. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few and most of the time I’m more excited than the soon-to-be-mum. So when it came to writing this article on baby shower gifts I couldn’t wait. 

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about baby shower presents including types, costs, prizes, and etiquette. We will also offer you some suggestions on what would make a great gift.

So let’s start off with some of the basic questions;

Do you have to bring a gift?

In Australia, when attending a baby shower it’s recommended to buy a present for the expectant parents. The preference is for the guest to buy baby gifts that will assist the first twelve months of care.

What do you buy for gifts?

We recommend buying a gift that is age-appropriate, stylish, high quality, and practical. We have a large selection of perfect baby shower gift ideas in our shop. Otherwise, read our baby shopping checklist or our baby essentials blog for more inspiration.

How much should I spend on baby shower presents?

This depends on the individuals’ circumstances. When looking for gifts for co-workers we suggest spending $20-$30 Australian Dollars. For a close friend $60 and for a family member $100. In saying this, I’m sure the mum-to-be will be more than happy with your attendance rather than how much you have spent.

What are the best gifts?

The gift should be something that the soon-to-be-parents will be able to use in the first twelve months. This is how we decided on what should be in our gift sets.

How to choose the best baby shower present

Here are some of the things we recommend to look for when choosing a gift;

  • Practical — Look for a practical present. The last thing you want is for your gift to be sitting in the back of a cupboard never to be used.
  • Unique — Buy a unique gift as you don’t want to turn up to the hospital or baby shower with the same gift as everyone else. The recipient will appreciate the effort you made.
  • Age-appropriate- The item should be age-appropriate. There’s no point in buying a bicycle for a newborn.
  • Stylish — You want to give a present which looks fantastic. An item where the parent to be will be proud to show off the amazing gift they received from you.
  • Australia Made — It’s great to support small and local businesses. Where possible, buy gifts that are made in Australia. You will be helping the local economy and supporting Australian businesses.
  • Shop Small – Small business makes up 98% of businesses in Australia and are generally family-run businesses. Each sale or order they receive helps and is appreciated. Shopping small means you can get a lovely gift and help a small business at the same time.

Can you give a gift for mum?

Yes, you can give a gift for the mum to be. Sometimes mums get overlooked and buying a gift for mum is a nice way to make her feel loved. It is more appropriate for a family member or a very close friend to buy for the mum. You may want to mix it up and buy it for both mum and baby. These days there are lots of ‘mummy and me’ matching products like our mum and me top knots.

Types of gifts to give mum

If you decide you want to buy the mum to be a gift, we have outlined some baby shower gift ideas which you may want to consider;

  • Maternity Photoshoot — Spoil the mum to be with a maternity photoshoot which she can look back with fond memories of the wonderful time she was pregnant.
  • Maternity Robe — Packing a robe in your hospital bag is a must so buying a beautiful maternity robe would be a gift the mum-to-be would love.
  • Home-cooked Meals — Once the bundle of joy arrives the new parents will have very little time. Making them a meal that they can heat up at a moments notice will be a lifesaver.
  • Time — Make a few vouchers to give to the parent to be where you will look after the newborn for a few hours. This will give the parents some time for themselves.
  • Journal — A memory book or a pregnancy diary is a beautiful gift that the mum-to-be can write down all her thoughts and emotions. She will be able to look back with fondness on the pregnancy and first few years.

Do you give gifts to guests?

It is not essential for the host to buy favours for those who are attending however it is a nice gesture. It’s a way of saying thank you for sharing the special day and a keepsake for those who were there.

What are good baby shower gifts for guests?

If you choose to give favours to guests our suggestion is to make them relatively cheap, unique, and personal. Some party favour ideas are;

  • Bath Bombs
  • Candles
  • Mini Champaigns
  • Plants
  • Soaps
  • Lolly bags
  • Macarons

The type and style of gift you give to your guests will depend on your budget and style.

Prizes for games

After you have read our blog on baby shower games you will realise that you will need lots of prizes for the winners. These can be pretty basic and include things like;

  • Tea Towel or Washcloth
  • Jelly Babies
  • Chocolate
  • Bath Bombs
  • Hand Lotions
  • Candles
  • Succulent
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Teas
  • Hair Clips
  • Manicure Set
  • Photo Frame

Make sure you buy a lot of these. You don’t want to run out of prizes for the winners!

Our Gift Sets

We live and breathe gifts and have compiled four different styles to choose from. All with the majority of the products handmade in Australia and each one is suitable for a baby shower or newborn gift.

Newborn Baby Gift

The first set we offer is the newborn baby gifts set which are the smallest. There is a wide selection of prints suitable for both boys and girls. We also offer a range of unisex prints for those who are keeping it as a surprise.

This is a practical present as both items can be used within the first six months of life. The set includes the bandana bib, bunny teether, and a card of your choice. All of which comes gift wrapped ready to hand over to the lucky recipient.

Boy Gift Set

This set makes the ideal gift for baby boys and is full of unique and practical items. In addition to the bandana bib, bunny teether, and card. The baby boys gift set includes a bib and burp cloth.

This set is larger than our newborn set and is full of prints for a boy. We also have a Whales print that has been designed only for us, making sure your gift is both original and unique.

Girl Gift Set

The gift sets for girls include all the items in the boys’ present plus a headband. This set is suitable to celebrate a newborn or baby shower. Our current prints for girls include a range of florals, patterns, and animals. 

Deluxe Sets

We are always coming up with new and unique gift ideas and we have nailed it with the luxury deluxe gift set. These come with our handmade products that including the bunny teether, bandana bib, burp cloths, and bib.

Also, we have also added the dummy, dummy chain, and a record book. Ideal for friends to chip in to share the cost or for a corporate gift for the mum to be before her maternity leave. This set is full of quality, stylish and practical products.

Card, Wrapping, and Message

Each of our four sets comes complete with a choice of three cards. These include a boy, girl, or baby shower card. They are blank inside ready for you to write your congratulations and best wishes.

Our gift sets are gift wrapped in a recycled cardboard box so there is nothing for you to do but offer your best wishes.

If you would like us to send it straight to the recipient we are happy to write in the card and post it to the recipient for you.

Build your own Baby Shower Gift

You may feel that the items we have chosen aren’t what you would like to include in your gift box. Instead, you can build your own set and include the items of your choice. This can be from any of the products from our online baby shop. Let us know that it’s for a gift and we will wrap it ready for the lucky parents.

E- Gift Cards

Sometimes you can not make up your mind or you are unsure what present to give at baby showers. With a gift card, you can’t go wrong. The recipient will be able to choose exactly what they want and which styles and prints they prefer. Available in different denominations to suit any budget.

Delivery and Payment Options

We recommend sending the gift to a business or residential address and not the hospital. We deliver throughout Australia and internationally. For more information visit our delivery and shipping policy.

To make it as easy as possible for you we offer various payment solutions. This includes Afterpay, credit card, and Paypal.

If there is anything else you would like to know about any of our gift boxes please contact me.

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