Cleaning and Maintaining Silicone Feeding Accessories

Silicone feeding accessories are becoming more common for feeding babies and toddlers. In this article, we teach you how to look after them.

Cleaning, Storage, Care and Maintenance

If properly cared for, they can last years.

It’s recommended to handwash silicone cookware and tableware, particularly with unscented soap. They are generally dishwasher-safe. But check the manufactures label before placing it in the dishwasher. Most of the time it will say to use the top rack.

Silicone is stain-resistant but sometimes, stains just happen. If a stain doesn’t come out after a handwash or a run through the dishwasher. Try sprinkling baking soda and letting it sit overnight. In the morning, throw out the baking soda and wash the dish again. In the rare case where the baking soda trick doesn’t work, there’s one more thing you can try.

Put the item into an oven at 170 °C and let it sit inside for about 10 minutes. Then take it out (carefully!), bring it straight to the sink, and fill it up with hot water. Leave it to soak for a couple of minutes and the stain should wipe right off.

After washing and drying, these can be stored in a cupboard away from direct sunlight. You should not have to do any ongoing maintenance. Most brands offer a lifetime guarantee on the suction cup of the plates and bowls. And these can be found in our feeding sets.

How do you sterilize Silicone them?

You don’t need to sterilise these before use but we do recommend you clean them. If you do want to sterilise them, place the items in boiling water for up to 15 minutes. Food-grade silicone holds up very well to heat. And boiling them shouldn’t cause any warping of the material.

We hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

This article was written by Jacqueline Samaroo. Jacqueline is a mother of 3 and a trained teacher with almost two decades of teaching experience under her belt. While the article has been peer-reviewed by Luisa Figueroa who is a mother of one and owner of My Little Love Heart.

How to get the best suction for silicone plates

Recommendations will differ from brand to brand. But, generally, there are a couple of universal tips for getting good suction on baby bowls and plates.

First, you must have a smooth surface such as plastic, polished wood, glass, or stone. Then, to make sure it sticks, press down on the centre of the bowl or plate.

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