Gender Reveal Gifts in tan brown colour

Gender Reveal Gifts

If you are looking for gender reveal gift ideas you have come to the right place. We hand create a range of unisex baby gifts which make for a suitable present.

They are an exciting time for guests and hosts alike. It’s the time when you gather family and friends to find out the sex of the baby.

The gender reveals party is different from baby showers. By the time the baby shower comes around the parents-to-be have normally found out the sex of the baby. So your baby shower present can be purchased with that in mind.

Gender Reveal Party

When buying gender reveal gifts there are some things you should consider.

These are;

Gender Neutral

Make sure the gift you buy is gender-neutral. Think of earthy colours and stay away from pinks and blues. The colours don’t have to be boring. Prints like the koala design and leaf’s prints are neutral and stylish. This brings us to the next item to consider, style.

Stylish Gifts

Whether you are dressing a baby boy or baby girl you want them to look their best. And this is why we have created our range of products in a selection of stylish prints.

These unisex prints come in solid colours as well as stylish designs. We are always updating them to keep up with the latest fashion and trends.


There is no point in having a stylish gender reveal hamper or gift basket if it isn’t going to be used. Giving a practical gift is essential when attending a gender reveal party. Ideally, something that will be used in the first three months of the baby’s life. If you would like more ideas read our baby shopping list and the complete baby essentials guide.

Eco Friendly

When choosing a present to celebrate make sure it’s environmentally friendly. Look for items made from materials like bamboo and cotton. Packaging and tags should be made from recycled materials. Stay away from plastics as much as possible.

Made in Australia 

People love receiving presents that have been made in Australia. So this should be taken into consideration when buying a hamper or basket. When buying Australian made you are supporting local businesses and jobs. On average the quality is higher than imported products so your gift will last longer.

We make sure to source as many of our materials from Australian and local vendors. We are also a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign!

In conclusion, gender reveal parties are fun but make sure you turn up with the right gift. If you are in Perth and are organising one, we have written a post on baby shower venues which will help.

If you are struggling to find a suitable gift come and visit us at our East Perth baby gift shop. We can help you choose the ideal hamper or gift basket.

Designer Profile Picture

This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the owner, designer and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of baby products. I have been working within the fashion industry for over 15 years and specialising in baby accessories for the last 5. My love of fashion has enabled me to work and study around the world.

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