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The Singer sewing machine my mother, then myself used when growing up
The Singer sewing machine my grandmother used.

It all started when I was a little girl, watching my grandmother sew. Learning from an early age the pleasure you can receive from creating something unique with your hands and the joy from giving the handmade gift to someone you care about. 

This is why I ended up pursuing a career in fashion and design and after having my baby girl starting my own baby accessories business. During my school years, I was always interested in fashion and more so the textiles, fabrics and making of the end product. 

After finishing school I moved to Bogota, Colombia to study fashion design and then studied aboard in Lyon, France. Here I studied fashion marking as it’s just as important to market the product as to make it. On completion of my course, I wanted to learn English as a language to complement my Spanish and French, so relocated to Perth, Western Australia.

In Australia, I continued my studies where I learnt about interior design. I met my husband here and we had a daughter Natalia, soon after My Little Love Heart was born.

Photo of Luisa Figueroa hand making a bunny teething ring
Handmaking a wooden bunny teething ring

Very early on I decided that since I like sewing so much that I wanted to have a handmade business. Instead of working for a company that mass produces its products overseas I wanted to keep my business in Australia and have as many products as possible handmade in Australia.

I even had the product tag of my logo in cross stitch however I physically couldn’t keep up with the demand of making all the products and the logo itself. If you do have one of our products with a cross-stitched logo keep it as you have one of our original pieces.

Cross stitch logo on handmade baby bibs
Cross stitch logo on handmade baby bibs

Even though I love sewing, since I started my business I haven’t made anything for me personally to wear. I have made a few things for my daughter however mainly out of necessity like costumes for school.

I guess I prefer to undertake other creative outlets in my free time like drawing, photography or sketches. Below is an illustration I did for mothers day which incorporated a handmade baby headband and standard size handmade headband.

Whether I am drawing or creating a new product, I find I’m a bit of a perfectionist which I guess can be a good and a bad thing. I am the harshest judge on quality and if I have the slightest of doubt I will ask myself is it good enough for my baby girl, and if the answer is no I will remake it.

For a lot of people handmaking something is an inconvenience however for me it’s an absolute joy. I love to work with my hands and create something beautiful from a piece of material or fabric. When I am sewing I am at my most relaxed and it gives me some downtime from the day to day of modern life.

And the joy doesn’t stop there. I love that I am making an individual item that is going to a newborn baby and that this will make someone happy. I love that people appreciate my baby products and the feedback I receive makes me so proud. 

One of the most precious pieces of feedback was about our handmade bandana bibs. A mum recently told me that as the quality of our bib is so good she doesn’t have to constantly change her babies clothes and bibs, thus reducing the amount of washing. This was a real game-changer for me, realising that our products actually help parents and make their lives easier. It no longer is just about making and selling, it’s about making new parents lives easier.

Another great thing about handmade products is the community that gets involved. There is a huge community of creative like-minded people that love to create using their hands. We are part of the ambassador programme for the Perth Upmarket which is the premium handmade market in Perth where people show and sell their handmade products. There is also a huge online community which support and encourage people to show their creativity and enable people to buy handmade products online.

One other great thing about handmade products is seeing the joy on the recipients face when receiving the gift. They can genuinely tell that someone has put in a huge amount of effort to not only make the item but to purchase and give it to the receiver. We are regularly getting emails from both happy customers and return orders from parents that were gifted the items originally.

So by now, you are probably wondering what we handmake, below is a brief description of the products we make at My Little Love Heart.

Handmade Baby Bibs

Handmade bibs were the first product I developed and quickly grew into a selection of 3 different types of handmade bibs including the bandana bibs, baby bibs and large bibs.

Handmade Hair Accessories

After making the range of bibs, I moved onto creating a range of handmade hair accessories which included baby headbands, headbands, top knot headwraps and mini hair bows. I have included more detail below on some of these items.

Handmade Headbands

Handmade Headbands in Eucalyptus print

This handmade headbands in Eucalyptus is one of my favourite prints as it represents the true Australia. The fabric is cut out and formed into a bow shape and attached to the elastic. We hand stitch the bow to the elastic so no glue is used in the making process. It is extremely important to us that we use as many natural materials as possible when making our handmade headbands.

Handmade Hair Bows

Designed for a newborn baby, this handmade hair bow is perfect for those first outings or leaving the hospital for the first time. They go with just about any outfit and there is a range of colours and prints to suit all occasions. Like all our handmade hair accessories, the handmade mini baby hair bows have been handcrafted and sewn onto the elastic to prevent the use of glue and toxins. 

Handmade Baby Gift

When looking for unique handmade baby gift ideas you can’t go past our selection of gift sets. With a selection of four to choose from, there is a style and budget for everyone. The range of handmade gifts includes newborn, baby boys, baby girls and baby shower sets.

Newborn Handmade Baby Gifts

Our newborn baby handmade gift set comes with a bandana bib and bunny teething ring. All sets come complete with a card and wrapping and are the perfect individual gift to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby boy or girl.

Handmade baby gifts for newborns in birds in perch print

Handmade Baby Gifts For Girls

With a selection of beautiful prints for baby girls, we have the ultimate handmade baby girls gifts. Comprises of a burp cloth, baby bib, bandana bib and headband the recipient will love this stylish and practical present. They all come with a card and gift wrapped ready to hand over to the lucky recipient.

Handmade Baby Gifts For Boys

Our handmade baby gifts for boys come complete with a burp cloth, bandana bib and baby bib. With a selection of cute boys print, these come gift-wrapped with a baby boy card which is perfect for any newborn baby boy.

Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

One of our four styles of gift sets is the handmade baby shower gifts. This set is designed as a group gift so a few friends or work colleagues can contribute and buy a gift which the recipient will love. 

They contain some of our handmade products including our bibs, teethers and burp cloths. Although not every item in this set is handmade more than 80% is handcrafted by myself. For more information read our comprehensive blog on our handmade baby shower gift sets.

You can purchase one of our handmade baby gifts online or at one of the several markets and expos I attend throughout the year which includes the Perth Upmarket and the PBC Expo.

Handmade Teething Toys

We have a selection of two handmade teething toys to choose from. The “Bunny Ears” is one of our most popular items and is made with a hardwood 65mm teething ring. 

The second style of handmade teethers is our “Love Heart” design which showcases our brand and our unique and creative flare. This handmade baby teether is shaped in a love heart and made from cotton with a wooden teething ring. 

Flamingos print handmade teething toys in love heart style

Handmade Burp Cloths

Our selection of handmade burp cloths is extensive and we have chosen prints for a baby girl, baby boy as well as plenty of unisex designs. The burp cloths are handmade by cutting the cotton fronts and cotton bamboo backs and sewn together. This process can take a large amount of time however its one of my favourite pieces to make due to a large amount of sewing that’s involved.

Handmade Baby Washcloths

Our latest product, these gorgeous handmade organic baby washcloths come in a set of three. Ideal for bath time, the material is soft which is perfect for you to gently wash your precious baby delicate skin.

Organic baby washcloths

Handmade Australian Gifts

Our products are handmade in Australia and are the perfect gift for those who are having a baby. We have a selection of beautiful Australiana prints which include Koala, Kangaroo and Eucalyptus. If you would like to learn more about these designs read our blog on the handmade Australian gifts.


When you purchase handmade items you are supporting a small business and individual people. They are able to create more and follow their dreams and make a livelihood from it. Thank you for taking the time to read about our handmade baby products and for shopping small.