Handmade Baby Hair Accessories

We have a range of handmade baby hair accessories suitable for various ages. These are all made by us in our East Perth studio. We have different styles based on the age of the wearer. These include;


The newborn bow is the smallest of all our handmade hair accessories. It has a nylon elastic and a thin cotton bow. It is simple and elegant and is soft on the baby’s skin.

To make this we cut the cotton material to the desired size and sew together. We then hand stitch the elastic to the bow.


The baby headband is the medium size of our handmade bows. It is the most popular of all our head accessories and is suitable for a baby from newborn to 5 years old.

We make this the same way as the newborn bow. First, we cut the fabric to the correct size, sew, and stitch it to the nylon elastic headband.


This handmade toddler headband is the largest in our range of bow styles. As the bow is big this is suited to a toddler although can be used from newborn to 5 years. The elastic headband is soft and stretchy. Ideal for a growing baby.

We make this the same way as the other two. First by cutting the fabric by hand. Then sew and stitch to the nylon elastic.


The final product we do is an adult top knot. These are available in a range of solid colours including mustard, red, off-white, and black. We also offer a selection of stylish prints including some beautiful floral designs.

The top knots head wraps come in two other sizes. These are the baby and toddler. They can be brought as a set so you can match your outfits with each other.

To make these, we cut the fabric depending on the size we are making. We then hand stitch to close it off and then iron ready to use.

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