How to get milk out of burping cloths

There aren’t a lot of products made specifically to capture milk but that’s exactly what burping cloths are for. This product has been designed to get dirty and capture the milk before it goes onto your expensive clothes. 

But you still would prefer to clean a burping towel rather than throw it away. This is a product that has many other uses even after you have finished with it as a burping cloth. And are an ideal item to keep for a second baby. So you should keep it in the best shape possible. And that means removing milk stains.

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Best way to remove milk and yellow stains from burping pads 

Milk is hard to clean as it contains proteins. And as these proteins dry it makes it harder to clean and rehydrate. 

And when a newborn spits up milk and is left on the burping pad it can get hard and stain. Luckily there is a way to remove milk stains from burping pads by following these steps.

1. Remove fresh milk – It’s important to clean the burping pad as soon as the milk is spilt. If it’s fresh the best thing to do is blot over the area. You can use an old clean cloth or paper towel. Now you have gotten rid of any of the wet milk move to step two.

2. Dab the stain – Dip a cotton white towel into cold water and dab the stain. You can also try to remove the stain by pinching any hard or crusty bits between your fingers. Don’t scrub the stain, otherwise, it will move further into the spit-up cloth. Keep persisting with this until the stain has disappeared. If you feel it’s not working move into step 3

3. Add detergent with enzyme – Add a little detergent that contains enzymes to cold water. These enzymes will help break the protein down in the breast milk. Continue dabbing at the spot until it is gone.

4. Put through the wash – Once you have removed the stain you can place it in a cold water wash. To wash our burping pads follow these instructions.

We hope this has helped you to keep your spit-up pads in good condition. The main takeaway from this is to act quickly. Blot, don’t scrub. And use cold water not warm or hot.

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Written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the owner, designer and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of products.

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