New Baby Gifts that are both Stylish and Practical

New baby gifts that are original, practical and stylish

Visit our shop page for new baby gifts with a choice of three types you will be spoilt for choice. Our newborn baby gifts are handmade here in Australia and are unique, practical and stylish suitable for both girls and boys.

newborn baby girl gifts in feather print

New baby gifts set in pink leaf line up fabric beautifully gift wrap and with a card


There’s nothing like going to the hospital to visit your loved one after the birth of their newborn baby. Seeing the tired but elated parents and the joy of sharing there precious gift to the world. And on this day, if you want to give the a happy parents new baby gifts we can help you out !

Our selection of new baby gifts are stylish and most of all practical. Available in gift sets complete with wrapping and a card or individual items that are perfect as a standalone present.

The selection of our newborn baby gifts ideas include our gift sets which include mini new baby gifts sets, boys new baby gifts sets and the girls new baby gifts sets. Our individual items include our burp cloths, bunny teething ring, love heart teething ring, bandana bibs, baby bibs and large bibs. For the girls we have a range of hair accessories that include baby headbands, hair bows, headbands and top knots.

New baby girl gifts

The new baby gifts for girls set comes with a burp cloth, baby bib, bandana bib and a baby headband. This also comes complete with gift wrapping and with a card. The girls baby gifts come in fabrics including swans, cabbage rose, hummingbirds, pink blossom tallulah, pink hearts, birds perch, blossoms in peach, olive bouquet and flamingos.

New baby gifts for boys

When buying gifts for new baby gifts for boys gift set is a favourite. This is the gift set that has products including a baby bib, burp cloth and bandana bib. It comes gift wrapped and with a choice of three cards. The newborn baby boys gifts come in a range of fabrics including whales, boats, eucalyptus, spots in gold, indigo, moustaches, lambs, cactus and animals.

So when you are looking for the most practical and the best newborn baby gifts look no further as our gift sets are stylish, trendy, practical and unique.

Newborn baby gifts don’t have to be boring and useless! Our newborn baby gifts sets are practical and stylish. Our range of bibs are soft to touch and super absorbent for collecting that excess drool. With our hair accessories we are sure you will be able to find the style to go with any outfit. Our teething toys are the ideal newborn presents as they will be the first thing you grab during teething time. Our burp cloths are stylish and absorbent, perfect for cleaning up those projectile vomits and protecting your cloths.

All our newborn baby gifts are handmade here in Australia using the finest materials from around the world. We are always sourcing fabrics from around the world to stay on trend. When we cant find the fabrics we like we will commission Australian graphic designers to produce something exclusively for us.


Owner, designer and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of baby products. I have been working within the fashion industry for over 15 years and specialising in baby accessories for the last 5. My love of fashion has enabled for me to work and study around the world, to read more please visit our about me page.