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Newborn Baby Gifts in Rainbows Print

There seems a time in everyone’s life where all your friends are having babies. I would spend most of my weekends looking for the perfect newborn baby gifts. So when I started my business, the first thing I did was develop newborn gifts which were unique, stylish and most of all practical.

When compiling which products we wanted to make for our newborn gifts sets we had a simple goal. First and foremost they had to be practical. Anything else is just a bonus. We wanted the parents to receive products that they were going to use, not just throw in a cupboard for a later date.

Personally I’m into fashion and I wanted each piece to be stylish and fashionable. There are a lot of baby gifts available however I wanted to dress my daughter in cool stylish accessories and to give other parents the same opportunity.

Therefore each item we have included in our newborn baby gift sets are practical, stylish and fashionable.

Australian, Handmade and Environmentally friendly

We are passionate about Australia made and will always want to keep my products made in Australia. We are even a licensee with the Australia made campaign. All the advise I received from friends and family was to get our products made cheaply overseas however I was determined to make it in Australia and preferably handmade. The feedback received from customers was they were happy to pay for a premium product as long as it was well made.

I handmake the majority of our products and take care to ensure each piece is of extremely high quality. When making each piece it’s as if I was making it for my daughter or nephew.

For me, handmade garments are a joy to make and own and I regularly buy handmade. Knowing that each piece will be adorning a little boy or girl is extremely gratifying for me. Knowing that my creation will be part of a newborns outfit makes me want to design and make more products.

We also get a lot of feedback on how good quality our products are and how they make there life easier. Parents tell me that as our bibs are so absorbent the drool doesn’t soak into their babies clothes as much as other bibs. Reducing the number of changes and washes considerably. It’s so nice to hear that we are making parents life that little bit easier.

As a handmade business, we are also conscious of the environment. Therefore we go out of our way to source materials that are organic and eco-friendly.

The majority of our fabrics for our products and newborn presents are made from cotton. While the backing on our bibs and burp cloths is an organic cotton bamboo mix. Our bunny teether has a hardwood teething ring while our cards are made on recycled paper.


Newborn baby boy gifts

We receive a lot of feedback about how there aren’t many options for boys newborn presents. Therefore we actively search and buy boys prints which make cool and fashionable gifts for newborn boys.

In addition, we are updating our fabrics regularly to keep on-trend with the latest styles and fashion.

We currently have a selection of prints just for boys. These include the lambs, animals, circles, indigo, whales and sage prints. For the lovers of stripes like myself we have the black and white stripes and navy stripes prints and for those who like a bit of colour explore the spots on gold and rainbows. Our latest inclusion is the leaf print which is a striking banana leaf design. Finally, for those looking for an Australiana print, we have the Koala, kangaroo and Eucalyptus designs.

If you are after gifts for a newborn boy we have three sets to choose from. These include the mini newborn set, the boys larger set and the deluxe gift box.


Mini boys newborn gift set

The first and most popular newborn baby gifts sets are the mini set.

This contains a bunny teether which is a natural teething ring for when the baby starts to teeth. It also includes the stylish and practical bandana bib which will be one of their most fashionable accessories. All of which comes beautifully gift wrapped with a card for you to welcome the newborn baby boy.


new born gift sets in koala print
Mini baby gift set in koala print


Larger boys gift set

The larger gift set is an ideal present for a baby boy and for those that want to spend a little more.

This comes with the teething ring and the bandana bib plus some additional products. The additional items include a gorgeous baby bib which is elegant in its simplicity and a burping cloth. The burp cloth is designed to fit the contours of your neck and shoulder and ideal for protecting your clothes or cleaning those little messes.

Like the mini newborn set, this comes gift wrapped and complete with a card so there is nothing left for you to do but write the message to the newborn baby and mum.


Deluxe boys gift set

The deluxe baby gifts set is for those that are happy to spend a little more. Ideal as a joint gift for a work colleague or perhaps just get the girls together and share in the gifting.

This set comes complete with everything that’s in the large set plus some additional items which we stock. These items are the Naturstutten dummy, a dummy chain and a beautiful baby record book.

Each one of these is a practical present for a newborn baby gift set or a standalone present.


Newborn baby girl gifts

I really struggle to buy prints for girls, not because there aren’t any, it’s more to do with the abundance of choice. There are huge amounts of florals, pinks and colourful designs to choose from. So when I finally select the prints I can’t wait to start making the girls newborn sets.

Our current range of girls fabrics include the Australian prints like botanical, floral gumnuts and Eucalyptus. Other beautiful girls prints include the blossoms in peach, vintage, pink blossom Tallulah, flamingos, swans, feathers, dots in peach and aqua abstract. If you would like a unique and beautiful gift you can’t go past the bird perch newborn baby gifts.


Mini girls newborn gift set

The mini gifts for newborn girl set are available in a range of beautiful and vibrant prints. The bandana bib and bunny teether are handmade in Perth, Australia and come beautifully gift wrapped and with a baby girl card.


Large girls gift sets

The larger baby girl gifts sets come with the same items as the mini newborn set however also include a baby bib, burp cloth and girls headband.


Deluxe girls gift sets

Like the boys, the deluxe girls newborn set comes complete with our hand made bandana bib, baby bib, burp cloth and bunny teether. Also included is a beautiful baby book in pink where you can record the babies first five years of life. A wonderful Natursutten natural rubber dummy and a stylish dummy chain. This set is beautifully gift wrapped and comes with a baby girl card.


Deluxe baby shower gifts in vintage print
Vintage design print in baby gifts


Other newborn gift ideas

In addition to the range of newborn gift sets, we have a huge selection of standalone gift ideas for newborn babies. They include;


Hair Accessories

With a large selection of prints to choose from, we have five styles of hair accessories to choose from.

These include the cute mini newborn hair bow, baby girl headbands, headbands, scrunchies and top knots. Explore our complete range of hair accessories or alternatively learn everything there is to know about our handmade girl’s hair accessories.



We have a selection of bibs on offer in a variety of prints and styles for newborn babies. The three styles of bibs are the baby bib, bandana dribble bib and larger style bib.

If you are unsure which bib to buy read our post on which bib is best for each occasion.


Burp cloths

Our handmade burping cloths are available in prints for both baby boys and girls. These are ideal for cleaning up the little mess that seems to occur when you have a newborn.



We offer two types of wooden teethers which make for a perfect newborn gift. As babies can start to teeth as early as 3 months it’s a gift they will use soon after birth.

The two types of teethers we make are the bunny and love heart styles. The Love Heart teether is our own creation ensuring your purchase will be stylish and unique.


Natursutten dummies

Should you be looking for a unique newborn gift that is natural and eco-friendly you can’t go past the range of Natursutten pacifiers. Made from 100% pure rubber this is a great present to start a newborns life.

We stock a selection of soothers including the orthodontic and round styles in the small size suitable for newborns.


Baby books

Another good idea is something that can be passed down from one generation to the next. We offer a selection of baby books including this cute pregnancy journal and pregnancy diary. We also have a diary where you can include all the milestones of the babies first years of their life. For those that love to write we have keepsake books which document the first five years in both pink and grey colours.

All these journals are perfect to record your thoughts and wishes. They make the ideal gift which your baby can look at when they grow older.


Organic washcloths

Our soft and environmentally friendly organic baby washcloths are gentle on the babies skin. Made from a cotton bamboo mix they are also environmentally friendly as both products are sustainable materials.

Perfect for bath time, feeding or cleaning up those little messes, the face cloth can even be used to help with teething.

Baby Suction Plate

This bamboo baby suction plate is the perfect present for a newborn gift as it will help them to learn to eat on their own when they start feeding. The plate has three compartments so you can separate the foods while the suction cup reduces the amount of mess the baby makes.


Unique and exclusive prints

In addition to our unique products, we try to source fabrics which are original and different.

We buy our fabrics from around the world and also in Australia. In conjunction with some Perth graphic artists, we have developed four prints exclusively for us. These four prints include the whales, cactus, bird perch and flamingo prints.


Present for a new baby in whales print

We commissioned these prints so that when you buy from us you have the opportunity to get some cool and unique newborn gifts rather than mass-produced items. Also, you will know that you have supported not only an Australian business but a graphic designer from Australia.

Thank you for your support and with over 250 babies born every minute around the world and in Australia one every one minute 46 second you are sure to know someone with a newborn. With this in mind, we have made it easier for you to buy your newborn gifts. We now offer afterpay when purchasing a newborn gift online and can ship throughout Australia and anywhere in the world.