Baby Top Knot Headband

People will be stopping you in the street asking you where did you get that gorgeous top knot.
Shop our selection of Australian made hair accessories above or read our top knot blog below.

Whether you are visiting family and friends, catching up with your mothers’ group or just playing at home we have a wide selection of baby knot headband and kids hair accessories to suit any occasion.

baby top knot headband in mustard print

Our baby girl bow headbands are handmade in Australia with a cotton fabric and come in a range of beautiful prints including;

  • Plain colours – Mustard, black, navy, burnt almond, aqua, red, grey, pink and off white.
  • Floral designs – Vintage, Aubrey, blossoms on peach, hummingbirds and succulents.
  • Unique prints – Flamingos, birds perch, abstract dots and dots on peach.

In addition, we are always receiving feedback on our products. Here is a comment we specifically about our top knot baby headbands.

Such beautiful top knots! Love them for my newborn, they fit perfectly and have such a natural, organic, super cute look and feel. Very happy” E. Williams, Victoria, Australia. Feb 2018

top knot headband baby in Burnt Almond coloured fabric

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest trends and fashions. We go out of our way to regularly update our patterns and styles keeping our products fresh and on the cutting edge of fashion. Our fabric designs are chosen from both international designers and local graphic artists. As you will see below we also go out of our way to get exclusive prints specifically for us. Our baby knot headband could be broken down into four categories per below.

Plain Colours

Keeping it simple is sometimes the best option, this is why we have a large range of plain hair bow for your baby. We love the plain colour s as they are very simple to match for those perfect outfits. Although we don’t have all the colours of the rainbow we have a huge selection which include Red, Burnt Almond, Aqua, Navy, Indigo, Mustard, Black, Off White, Pink and grey baby head wraps.


There is something that I love more than anything else and that is fabric shopping. As I have a little girl I love to take her to fabric shops here in Western Australia and choose prints together. There are always so many floral prints available that would be perfect for baby top knots that I really have to stop myself from buying the whole shop. My current fabric is the Blossoms in Peach print which looks absolutely gorgeous on a baby girl headbands in a top knot. This is one of our newest prints and I just can’t get enough of it.

Vintage print baby headbands australia

One of the most popular prints is the Pink Blossom Tallulah which happens to be one of our oldest items. Unfortunately, there is limited stock of this fabric throughout the world so it won’t be long before we will have to make this out of stock. Some of the other floral prints we have for the baby top knot headband are the rabbits, cabbage rose and hummingbirds prints. We have also added two new floral prints that look stunning as a baby head wraps and they are the olive bouquet and black and white roses prints.

baby girl headbands top knot gold with black spots

baby girl headbands top knot gold with black spots

Apart from the floral and plain colour prints we try and add designs, we know our customers will love. Perfect for the baby girls are the mint design, swans and pink hearts. The swans print is another personal favourite as it is a good representation of our brand. This baby turban headband print is a beautiful pinkish salmon colour that goes with so many different outfits.

Exclusive Designs for My Little Love Heart

It is important for us and our customers to have unique products. You don’t want to be turning up for a play date and everyone has the same tie knot headband. It’s like turning up to a party and someone has the same dress like you in the baby world. This is why we have worked with Western Australia designers to come up with exclusive and unique designs for us. The first print we commissioned was the succulents and cactus print. This has been designed by the talented Megan Isabella and we can’t be happier how her design has transferred over to our baby accessories products.

The second print we commissioned is one of our most popular prints and looks exceptional on the baby turban headband. This is the Flamingo’s print designed by SAE Western Australia student Mikey Couch. This was the third place winner for a fabric design competition we ran through SAE Australia. The latest print that we have that is a unique exclusive print for us is the Bird Perch fabric. This print is a cream design with little birds that look very cool and original for baby top knots. This design by Anthea Elsner took out second place in our design competition. The winner of the design competition was Wendy Reyes however as this is purely a print for boys we won’t be making it as a baby turban headband however stay tuned for its release shortly.

Discontinued or out of stock print

Unfortunately, it comes to a point in time where some of the prints are no longer manufactured and the fabric is scarce. We do try to keep them available but sometimes it is just not possible. The following prints we have had to mark out of stock as we can no longer buy significant quantities. We do sometimes have off cut pieces of fabric so if you are despite for one of these prints please contact us as we might have enough fabric to make the items for you. The products we currently have out of stock include Pink Leaf Line Up, Savannah, Go Gold and Cheetah prints.

General Information on our baby top knot headband

Our baby top knot headband is made from fabric so won’t leave nasty elastic marks around your girls forehead. We also have this short video below to show you how to tie a top knot ;


We also have a selection of handmade items that match our top knot head accessories. There are handmade bandana bibs which go perfectly with the baby head wraps, ensuring their outfit is unique and stylish. Our handmade burp cloths are another product that we make in the full range of fabrics which allow your little one to vomit in style.


Product guide specifications

The newborn top knot headband sizing depends on the size of the child’s head. However, is suitable for a newborn through to 2 years. We have had children as old as 10 years wear this item.

The material used is 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton depending on which fabric print has been chosen.

To care for the newborn top knot headband we recommend a warm gentle was at 40 degrees Celsius with similar colours. The item should not b bleached or soaked and you should not dry clean this item. Should you wish to iron the newborn headbands please use cool iron on the reverse side.

Note our items are considered headwear so please do not leave your bubs unsupervised when wearing our products. Some are classed as head and neck attire, making them potentially harmful if worn incorrectly.

After reading this you have decided the top knots are not the style for you, we offer a selection of hair accessories for babies little girls. These include newborn bows, baby headbands and larger headbands.