Stylish Pregnancy and Baby Journal

Stylish Pregnancy and Baby Journal

Don’t look back and try and remember every moment of your pregnancy. With this gorgeous pregnancy journal you will be able to make notes and add photos as well as include those thoughts and feelings you will never want to forget! We also stock a beautiful baby journal perfect to capture the first 5 years of your bubs life.

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One of my biggest regrets of my pregnancy apart from not getting a 3D scan done, was that I never wrote a pregnancy diary journal or recorded my baby’s firsts in a book..

I look back on my pregnancy as a wonderful time and although I have thousands of photos and memories I never wrote down my thoughts and feelings. I did however have a very basic diary but this was more of something to make notes about questions to ask and to when my next appointments are.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to add the pregnancy journal to compliment our bibs. We have always looked for items that will compliment our range of products and this is perfect!

We have previously done this before with the Natursutten range of dummy range which you can read more about in a separate blog. As we find other products that we feel will benefit mother or child we will continue to add the to our accessories store.

About the pregnancy journal

This has everything you need to write down your thoughts and emotions from when you are first conceived until your bundle of joy has been born. This is why the journal is called 9 months – the beginning of you

There is ample room to add critical information like Doctor and obstetrician and birth plans. Or just suggestions on what may assist you for instance shopping lists.

Photographs and scans are a must for a pregnancy journal and there is plenty of room for both. With one page per per week dedicate having space for each photographs and scans they will be a memory you cherish forever. This pregnancy journal has room for it all.

Baby Record Book

Specifications on the pregnancy journal

The journal is the perfect size to fit into your bag and has the following specifications;

  • The pregnancy journal contains 144 pages
  • 120gsm paper stock
  • Includes a white Ribbon Marker
  • Pregnancy Journal dimensions are 146mm x 190mm x 17mm
  • Week 6 through to week 40
  • 2 pages per week
  • Spare page to add your photos in the baby journal
  • Area to add your favourite social media accounts and websites
  • The perfect journal to capture your personnel thoughts and emotions from conception until birth

This journal will be the first thing to pack in your bag when going for your checkups. It will be an irreplaceable journal to remember the ups and downs of your pregnancy and something you will cherish forever.

One of the greatest things about this pregnancy journal is that it has a sequel. The Birth journal – birth to 5 years in grey is a gorgeous diary for boys while the birth to 5 years diary in pink is perfect for a little girl.

After adding the pregnancy journal to the shopping cart, come over to our baby due date calculator to check on your due date.

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