Presents for expecting mums

There seems to be a time when all your friends seem to be getting pregnant. We felt the same so have added a selection of pregnancy presents for expecting mums to our shop.
The criteria to include them was simple. The present must be stylish and practical. Most of all it’s something that I would have wanted to receive.
The selection of diaries and journals that are included are the perfect gift for any mum to be. The recipient will be able to plan their pregnancy and start getting prepared. There are many sections to fill in including appointments, shopping lists, and more. The pregnancy books we offer are the 9-month journal and bump. 
You can even make it easy on yourself and buy a gift cards. Take the hassle out of shopping and make sure the recipient gets what they want. With a selection of three e-gift cards to choose from, there is something for everyone’s budget.
Another pregnancy gift you can consider is the pregnancy milestone cards. The set of 24 cards help record the weeks of the pregnancy. There are also cards to celebrate major events like feeling the baby kick for the first time. These pregnancy cards make for an ideal prop for a photoshoot.
Some other pregnancy gifts you may consider for props are a bib, bath toy, or dummy. They are also great for a pregnancy announcement and can be used after birth. When thinking of a pregnancy present for a new mum it doesn’t have to be exclusive for use while pregnant. 
You may like a selection of these ideas. So we have combined these to make a pregnancy gift set. This comes with the journal, milestone cards, and a gender-neutral baby bib. 
We hope you have got some inspiration on what to buy for your pregnant friend. For more ideas read our baby essentials guide on what they may need. While you are here explore our range of gifts for a baby shower.