Floral Bibs

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Our floral bibs are stylish, absorbent and practical. They are available in three different types and are handmade in Australia.

Floral Bibs

The floral prints we offer are;

Floral Dream

This print has an aqua backing with light pink roses. As well as different leaf arrangements.


The pink fabric makes the white images stand out. There are a few different flower arrangements on this print as well as the gumnut babies. This fabric is based on the May Gibbs stories.


This blossoms print is simple yet elegant. The white background of the fabric makes the light pink blossoms stand out. This is the perfect flower bib for any baby girl.

Snowy Bloom

With a mixture of white, grey and black colours. The snowy bloom print gives a classy and vintage look to your daughters’ outfit.


Nothing says Australiana like the botanical print. And since all our bibs are made in Australia. This is the perfect bib for any little girl. The light pink fabric combined with the botanical flowers will suit any of your girls’ outfits.

Floral Gumnuts

Our most popular bib for girls, the floral gumnuts print has been designed in Australia. We then handmake it into a range of bibs. The aqua colour fabric suits the bright pinks of the flowers and the dark colours of the nuts.


Although the rabbit print doesn’t have many flowers, it has leafs, plants and shrubs. It’s a cream colour print that has rabbits, nuts and foliage. These also make a great Easter bib or a present for the year of the rabbit.


The leaf design has a white background with green banana leaves. This is a versatile print and is a great gender-neutral bib.


This isn’t so much a floral print. But it does have eucalyptus trees and leaves. This is on a grey background with white koalas playing in the trees.

The floral bibs are just some of the bibs we offer. We have a large selection of prints and styles to choose from.

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