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This baby suction bowl is ideal for your baby to learn how to start feeding themselves. As your baby becomes more independent they want to do things themselves, feeding included. And this is where the suction bowl becomes a lifesaver. 
As the baby hasn’t developed their motor skills they are inclined to knock over the bowl while feeding. However, the suction bowl is designed to stay in place, preventing messy feeding times. 
These suction bowls are also;
  • Made from 100% Natural Bamboo
  • Australian owned and designed
  • Lightweight, durable and antibacterial
  • Remove the suction cup and use it as an ordinary bowl
Made from 100% natural bamboo, this suction bowl is non-toxic and is biodegradable. Being made from bamboo makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable product.
Made from 100% bamboo it has been endorsed by the Bamboo Society of Australia. Also, it’s certified ethically manufactured to BSCI Standards.
Food utensils must adhere to various FDA Standards. We can confirm this bowl complies with FDA Standards. 
One of the best things about this bowl is its longevity. As your baby grows, you can remove the suction cup and use it as a normal bowl. If you love this bowl we also offer the rainbow suction plate.
How to use
Add the suction component to the bowl. Choose a smooth surface. Wipe down to make sure it’s clean. Press down the bowl with the suction cup until the bowl sticks. Try and wriggle it to make sure it isn’t easily removed.
The suction cup has a 2-year guarantee that it will hold suction on a clean, flat surface.
Care Instructions
Bamboo loses moisture over time. Please apply a fractioned coconut oil every 50 uses. General care should be taken when using this product.
Remove the suction cup and use cold water and hand wash the bowl. But do not soak in water. The suction cup is dishwasher safe.
Use a towel to dry the bowl and stand upright to fully dry. Do not dry flat.
General Use
Do not put in the dishwasher or microwave, fridge or freezer
Technical specifications 
Country of Design: Australia 
Country of Manufacture: China
Bowl Size: Diameter 15cm x 4.5cm
Packaging Size: 17cm x 17cm x 7cm
SKU: 0797776941872

Bowl Material: Bamboo
Brand: Emondo Kids
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