Bamboo Suction Plate


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Bamboo Suction Plate


Feeding time can be messy and frustrating however this bamboo suction plate can make life a little easier and help bring out your creative side as food preparation can be a boring and repetitive task.

The rainbow pattern plate has three different compartments designed to make feeding time fun. Whether you are creating rainbow patterns or just separating food so they don’t mix together, this bamboo suction plate is ideal for all ages.

This plate is made with 100% bamboo which is a fantastic material as it is a renewable eco-friendly resource. Bamboo grows faster than any wood and can be cut without killing the plant. Bamboo is a lightweight material that is also durable making it the perfect material for making these plates.

The bamboo suction plate has a smooth surface and a natural appearance making it an attractive addition to your kitchen. In addition, bamboo has natural antibacterial properties which reduce bacteria growth and is resistant to odours.

The best thing about this plate is the suction feature. You are able to press down on the plate and it will stick to a hard surface. This will reduce the amount of mess they make and cleaning up will be quicker.

We also found that it made our daughter more independent as we didn’t have to sit there and put every spoonful in her mouth. It improved her motor skills as she learnt how to use a spoon. It also helped that she liked her food!

The bamboo suction plate is perfect for a gift for any new parents. We can ship throughout Australia or worldwide from our online store and we also accept Afterpay.

This item has been designed and owned by a small Australian company. As a small Australian brand ourselves this is extremely important for us. We love to hear how people shop small and support Australian businesses.

Care instructions

Washing and drying – Cold hand wash and do not put in the dishwasher and when drying do not dry flat. Stay upright to fully dry.

Usage – Do not put it in the fridge or freezer. This bamboo kids suction plate should not be put in the microwave or submerged in water. Treat with some tender love and care and you will get many years of use of the rainbow plate.

Ongoing treatment- We recommend treating the bamboo baby plate with fractioned coconut oil after 50 usages.

Colour and texture – Due to bamboo being used, the texture and colour may vary throughout the plate and differ from the photographs.

Safety and compliance – Safety is our top priority and this product complies with FDA standards. In addition, it is endorsed by the Bamboo Society of Australia (BSA). The bamboo used in making this kids suction plate has been certified as ethically manufacturing by BSCI standards.

Warning – Although this baby plate is an aid for feeding an adult must always be present during feeding time.

Product specifications

Product: Rainbow baby suction plate
Country of origin: China
Designed: in Australia
Material plate: Bamboo
Brand: Emondo Kids
SKU: 0797776941889

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