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When shopping for baby essentials one of the things on the list will be a feeding pillow.

They are designed to assist you while you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. The pillow is placed under your arm while you hold your baby. This supports your hand, wrist, arm, and shoulders and is ideal for people with carpal tunnel.

We offer the Feeding Friend nursing pillow as we believe it to be the best on the market. And we are not the only ones. In 2018 it was awarded the winner of the 2018 family choice award.


The self-inflating design ensures that nursing is easy, practical, and portable. Ensuring you can feed anywhere at any time. In addition, there are many benefits in using a nursing pillow and these include;

  • More comfortable to feed after having a C section
  • Easy to use for both bottle and breastfeeding
  • They are the perfect height for the baby to latch onto when feeding
  • They give enormous support to arms, hands, and wrists

So why choose the feeding friend baby feeding pillow?

Well, these are;

  • Comfort and Support – This pillow has been designed with comfort in mind. It provides good arm support as well as supporting your hands and wrists and can be used as a breastfeeding pillow or for bottle feeding. It’s also a great pillow to have some cuddle time with your baby.
  • Self Inflating – This is where the Feeding friend comes into its own. As it is self-inflating it is super easy to use. Simply by twisting the valve the pillow will inflate by itself. There is nothing else for you to do. Thus, saving time and stress!
  • Portable and practical – As you can inflate or deflate the pillow it makes it extremely portable and practical for parents on the go. It comes with its own carry bag and is safe to travel on aeroplanes too. It’s small and compact and perfect to fit in your pram’s storage or in your nappy bag. Not only is it easy to carry, after use it can be deflated and stored away in seconds.
  • Removable and Washable cover – The cover is made from 100% soft polyester. It includes an invisible zip that enables you to remove the cover and wash. Please remember to hand wash in warm water only. Do not bleach or tumble dry, instead hang cover up to drip dry. Make sure both the nursing pillow and cover are completely dry before putting them together again. Please follow the washing and caring instructions carefully.
  • Positions – The feeding friend baby nursing pillow is shaped to suit many positions. These include;

Traditional Cradle

nursing a baby in the traditional style



horizontal style baby feeding



cross legged style feeing pillow



football style feeding pillow

How to use the feeding friend nursing pillow

The Feeding friend nursing pillow is easy to use. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to open, use and close;


To inflate the pillow simply;

  1. Open the storage bag
  2. Remove the deflated pillow
  3. Open the valve by twisting
  4. Unroll and leave it for 30 seconds to allow for it to inflate
  5. Once inflated, close the valve
  6. Now your pillow is ready to use

We recommend that you start by feeding your baby first and once your baby is drinking use your free hand to place the pillow under your arm, hand, or wrist to take the pressure off.

Feeding Friend is designed with a surface for your arms and hands to rest on while you cradle your baby. Feeding Friend is not designed to replace your arms and your baby must always be held while using Feeding Friend.

Putting away

Once finished feeding simply store the pillow by following these steps;

  1. Open the valve by twisting to the left.
  2. Start to roll up the pillow (from the thinnest point of the wedge) while pushing the air out.
  3. Once the pillow has been rolled up towards the valve, close the valve by twisting to the right. It can also be folded as opposed to rolling.
  4. Once the valve is closed, place deflated breastfeeding pillow into the storage bag.

Technical specifications

Age range: Newborn to toddlers up to 20kg
Brand: Feeding Friend
Country of design and brand ownership: Australia
Country of Manufacture: China
Colour: White
Material: PVC, Polyester
Weight: 350 grams
SKU: 0719006490738
Inflated dimensions: Length 48cm, Height 15cm
Deflated dimensions: Length 28cm, Height 24cm


The feeding friend is not a toy. Please do not leave the baby unattended with, or on the nursing pillow. Keep away from fire, flames, sharp objects, scissors, or any object that could puncture the pillow.

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