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Keep newborn babies calm, rested and comfortable by swaddling them in an organic wrap. Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping a baby securely in a blanket. With only their head peeking out, the rest of their body is comfortably snug inside the blanket — is there anything cuter than a tiny baby burrito?

Being a new parent can be a challenging adventure and can leave everyone involved sleep-deprived. Swaddling can help babies sleep longer and more peacefully by creating a womb-like environment. These comfortable newborn baby muslin wraps are made of ultra-soft organic bamboo muslin with a little stretch. This fabric has natural properties beneficial to a wee-one’s health and well-being. Light, strong and breathable, organic bamboo is perfect for both hot and cold climates.

Handmade Using Organic Bamboo

Each high-quality baby swaddle is handmade with love by an Australian Mum, providing local jobs and investment in the local economy. These luxurious swaddle wraps are made without harsh chemicals or dyes and offer many natural health benefits.


Organic bamboo muslin is naturally hypoallergenic, making it free from allergens, dust mites, and bacteria and can help keep a baby’s skin comfortable and itch-free.

Thermal-Regulating and Insulating

Bamboo is naturally breathable and lightweight, so air circulation can move heat away from a baby and reduce discomfort and overheating. This property can help soothe a baby’s eczema or rashes, so they heal more quickly. With insulating properties, organic bamboo can help keep a baby comfortable in the summer heat and winter cold.


Bamboo fabrics also have a natural characteristic called “Bamboo Kun” which makes them naturally antimicrobial. This factor can reduce odour-causing bacteria, keeping the baby swaddles more hygienic and smelling fresh longer.

Highly Absorbent

The bamboo plant can absorb three times more water than its weight. Organic bamboo muslin wraps can wick moisture away from a baby’s skin much faster than cotton, keeping them comfortable and dry day and night.

Ethically and Sustainably Made

This ultra-soft swaddles blanket is made using ethical and sustainable organic bamboo. Bamboo is categorized as grass rather than a tree and does not require replanting after harvesting because of its vast root network. It is very efficient at converting greenhouse gases into new growth. Organic bamboo is not treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it better for environmental sustainability and healthier for those harvesting the plants.

Available In Many Gorgeous Colours

The newborn swaddle wraps are available in many gorgeous colours making it easy to coordinate them with both a sophisticated and everyday wardrobe. These colours are so rich it will be challenging to pick only one.

Ultra Soft Swaddles With a Hint of Stretch

The luxurious organic bamboo muslin used in newborn swaddle blankets is much softer than cotton and very gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. Organic bamboo muslin has natural give, plus these baby muslin wraps have a little extra added — 4% to be precise. This stretch makes for a snug, secure and comfortable baby swaddle.


Available in a generous 1.2m x 1.2m size, these versatile baby swaddles are also perfect as a pram cover to block light and noise, as a nursing cover-up, and as a light blanket. Lightweight and portable, muslin wraps compress easily into a day-bag or travel bag making them easily accessible at the park, on long car trips, or on aeroplanes.


New parents need all the help they can get when it comes to saving time and energy. These newborn swaddle blankets are machine-washable on a cold water setting and can go on a low tumble dryer setting or line-dry for easy care. They are so soft that they won’t need any fabric softener.

Babies have a natural “startle reflex” — an involuntary response when they are startled — that often disturbs their sleep. When swaddled correctly in a soft organic wrap, this reflex is restricted. Swaddled, a baby can experience a womb-like sleeping environment that can help them establish better sleeping patterns. More sleep can lead to a less fussy baby and make the fourth trimester much easier for parents.

Product Guide

Dimensions: 1.2 Mtrs x 1.2 Mtrs
Country of Origin: Australia
Materials: 96% Bamboo with 4% stretch
Brand: My Little Love Heart


Care Instructions

Machine wash on a cold water setting
Low tumble dry or line dry


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