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A sensory board is a perfect way to help your baby develop their motor skills and sensors.

Not only do they help develop the babies’ problem-solving skills, but it also helps support language development and build nerve connections to the brain.

This is done by using a variety of different objects to play with. Each makes its own individual sounds and movements. These handheld activity boards come with;

  • An open/close small door
  • Door chain and lock
  • Aeroplane propeller
  • Latch
  • Abacus
  • Cogs and gears
  • Numbers 1–5

Designed by Sensory Workshop, this board comes in 4 different colours. These are yellow, blue, all-natural and this white colour.

They measure 30cm x 30cm so are easily mobile. They fit nicely in the base of a pram and can be a great educational toy while on the go. Perfect for taking to appointments so your baby isn’t playing with the germ riddled toys in the doctor’s waiting room.

This activity board is sturdy so you will be able to use it for any subsequent children you may have.


These sensory boards should always be used under parents’ supervision.

Technical Specification

Size: 30cm x 30cm
Colour: White
Fixture: Handheld
Country of Design: Australia
Manufacturer: Sensory Workshop

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