Unique Baby Gifts

Practical and Unique Baby Gifts

Are you looking to buy the perfect practical and creative baby gifts ? Explore our selection of unique baby gifts or read our blog below to learn more.

unique baby gifts Succulents and Cactus fabric

When you get to a certain age your weekends seem to be filled with endless baby showers or either buying baby shower gifts. And when the day arrives of the baby shower everyone seems to be giving the same old presents. Don’t get me wrong, onesies and nappies are a fantastic gift and I was extremely happy to get them for my baby shower. But if you are looking to buy something a little different we have a selection of unique baby gift ideas that both you and the mum to be will love.

Our unique baby shower gifts are handmade here in Perth, Australia using a selection of fabrics sourced locally here in Australia and from around the world. We have even worked with local creatives to design prints exclusively for us ensuring your gift will be original and unique.

The products we make aren’t just stylish and trend they are useful ! Our practical baby shower gifts come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your requirements. We have the boys and girls gift sets as described below as well as the mini baby set.

Mini Baby Shower Gifts

The mini baby gift set are a simple and elegant unique baby gifts. It comes completely gift wrapped and with a choice of three cards either for a boy, girl or unknown. The products included in the mini baby shower gift set, and all our gifts sets are the bandana bib and the bunny teething ring. You can also add another one of our products to include in the baby gift if you like.

Unique baby girl gifts

So if you are looking for unique baby girl gifts then this flamingos print is ideal for you. Another one of our exclusive prints for girls is the bird perch prints. A beautiful cream print with cute little birds and a nest sitting on a twig. These are two of our exclusive prints that you won’t find anywhere else. Our baby girl gifts comprise of a bandana bib, baby bib, headband and burp cloth. This comes beautifully gift wrapped and with a choice of baby girl, baby shower or baby boy card. Ideal for you to write your best wishes and hand over to the expectant mum.

Unique baby boy gifts

If unique baby boy gifts is what you are after then explore our whales and cactus prints. The cactus and succulents print pictured above is the small baby gifts set which comes with the bunny teething ring and banana bib. Both the whales and succulents prints are also an exclusive design for us. The baby boys gifts comes with a baby bib, burp cloth and bandana bib and come complete with gift wrapping and a choice of the three cards.

Products included in gifts sets

A little more about our rangers of products that comprise our gift sets.

Bandana Bib

The soft and absorbent bandana bibs are included in each of our gift sets and is handmade in Australia. It is made with a bamboo terry backing that is super absorbent and soft to touch. It has pleats in the front to capture as much of the drool and dribble as possible.

Bunny Teething Ring

In all our gift sets you will also find a bunny teething ring. This hardwood ring is a natural way to assist while the baby is teething. The bunny ears are ideal for the baby to hold onto while chomping on the ring.

Burp Cloths

The organic baby burping cloth is the perfect item to put over your cloths while burping a baby. The backing is an ultra absorbent material which soaks up as much of the dribble as possible. It is also super soft for wiping away any excess spit or vomit from the babies face.

Baby Bibs

Also included in the larger baby gift sets is the baby bib. This elegant bib is made with the same material as the bandana bib, making it super soft and absorbent. This bib is also a great stand alone present and available in a range of prints.

Baby Headbands

The larger girls gifts set comes with one other item. This is the baby headband which is ideal for newborns through to 2 years of age. The headband bow is hand sewn onto the elastic ensuring no toxic glues are used during the making process.

Fabrics for unique baby gifts

We are always on the lookout for fabrics that are stylish, trendy and original. To keep our products on trend, we actively search for prints that are suitable for boys, girls and unisex designs. We make sure that we are up to date with the latest offerings from both Australian and international designers and when we can’t find what we are after we commission our own.

The prints that we have commissioned include the flaming is print by Mikey Couch. The cactus and succulent print designed has been designed by by Megan Isabella. Our birds perch design by Anthea Elsner and finally the Whales design is by Wendy Reyes.

When looking for girls prints for the unique baby gifts we suggest exploring the black and white roses, bird perch, blossoms in perch, floral, olive bouquet, flamingos and hummingbirds. We also have the pink hearts, swans, cabbage rose, pink blossom tallulah prints for girls too.

For unisex and boys our selections of prints include whales, crosses, navy stripes, spots in gold, eucalyptus, boats, indigo, lambs, animals, moustaches, succulents and cactus.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for unique baby gifts or newborn baby presents we have a range and style of unique baby presents to suit you. Beautifully hand crafted in Australia using the most stylish fabrics from around the world, you and the mum to be won’t be disappointed!


Owner, designer and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of baby products. I have been working within the fashion industry for over 15 years and specialising in baby accessories for the last 5. My love of fashion has enabled for me to work and study around the world, to read more please visit our about me page.