Wholesale Burp Cloths – Australia Made

We make a range of wholesale burp cloths in Australia using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Perfect to include in your boutique shop or baby hamper.

Contact us for wholesale pricing at [email protected]

Wholesale burp cloths in leaf print
Designs and Prints of Burp Cloths for Wholesale 

Our vast range of spit-up pads includes boys, girls and gender-neutral prints. 

The boys’ designs include lions, clouds, dinosaurs and space. While the girls’ prints include botanical, floral gumnuts, floral dreams, snugglepot, butterflies, blossoms and snowy blooms. Our gender-neutral unisex designs are the leafs, rainbows, bananas, koalas, and shadows. And solid colours like tan brown, oatmeal, sage, indigo, grey and yale blue,

Handmade in Australia 

Each of these is handmade in Australia. Making this a premium item that parents will love. And perfect for any wholesale baby hampers.

Materials Used

The materials used are eco-friendly and sustainable. The front is printed cotton while the back is an absorbent and soft cotton and bamboo mix.

Lead times

As the burping pads are handmade our lead time for all wholesale orders is 2 weeks from the order date.

Minimum Order Quantity 

We understand you may not require a large initial order. Therefore we do not have any minimum order quantities.

Shipping Costs

Our wholesale shipping for our stockists and resellers is $14.95 throughout Australia. If you are international please contact us and we can arrange a quote for you.

Pricing and How to order

When ordering our burping pads for wholesale please get in touch for a login with your ABN. We will then issue a wholesale login. Here you will be able to view the pricing for all our items. After choosing the products you would like, select the wholesale shipping option and then complete the checkout.

Other products we offer to resellers

In addition to the burp cloths, we offer a selection of other wholesale products for babies. These include our wholesale hair accessories and bibs.

If you would like a login, learn more about our burping pads, or have any questions, please contact me.

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