Comparisons of burping cloths v’s other products

In this article, we discuss the difference between baby burping cloths and similar products. These are;

  • Washcloths
  • Bibs
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Muslin Cloths
  • Towels

For each of these we compare the following;

  • Use
  • Size
  • Price
  • Materials 

Washcloths v’s Burping Cloths

Although many people compare these to each other, they are very different. 

Use – The washcloth’s primary use is to clean your baby’s skin. Especially during bath time. While the spit-up cloth is to cover your clothes to avoid you getting dirty.

Size – They are square in shape and smaller than spit-up rags. Our washcloths measure 17cm x 17cm. While our burp pad size is 45cm long and 22cm at its widest part.

Price – Although the price varies between brands you will find washcloths are cheaper. A single one from us is $9.95 while a spit-up pad is $19.95

Materials -The reason many people compare the two is that the materials are similar. We use the same fabric on both these items. This is a cotton bamboo mix material.

baby in bath being washed with a baby washcloth

Bibs v’s Burping Cloths

People get confused by bibs and burp rags. Many people think they are the same but they are completely different.

Use – Bibs are placed around a baby’s neck. And are designed to capture spit-ups and drool. While cloths are placed over your shoulder to stop spit-ups falling on you. Note – Be sure to read our bib safety article when using our bibs.

Size – Bibs come in a range of sizes. But burping pads are larger. This is because babies can do large vomits. Especially when being burped.

Price – Bibs are cheaper than spit-up pads. This is because pads need more fabric and take longer to make. Our bibs cost between $17.95 to $18.95. While the pads are $19.95

Materials – The materials we use in both these are the exact same. The front is a cotton material. While the backing is a cotton and bamboo mix.

Dribble Bib Rainbows

Receiving Blankets v’s Burping Cloths

A receiving blanket is the staple of a newborn nursery. And is often confused with a cloth.

Use – They have many uses including wrapping your newborn. Draping over a pram for shade. And covering your clothes when burping.

Size – Receiving blankets are much larger in size than spit-up pads. Measuring 115cm x 155cm. But once you fold them in thirds they become similar in size.

Price – The price differs per brand. But in general, you can expect to pay the same for a receiving blanket as a pad. Around $20 each.

Materials – The fabric can differ between brands. But most receiving blankets are made from light cotton fabric. While our burping rags are made from a cotton and bamboo mix.

Muslin Cloth v’s Burping Cloths

Muslin can mean many things. But in this instance, we compare muslin cloths which are small square pieces of material.

Use – These are used during feeding to wipe away small amounts of milk. While spit-up pads protect you and your clothes when burping a newborn.

Size – Muslin cloths are square in shape and measure 25cm x 25cm. They are smaller in size than spit-up rags. Roughly half the size. They are not ideal for burping but if needed can be used as an alternative to get by.

Price – Muslin squares come in a pack of 3 and cost $25.99 per pack. While our spit-up pads cost $19.95 each.

Materials – Muslin squares are made from Muslin fabric. This is a plain woven cotton fabric. While our pads are made from a mix of cotton and bamboo.

Towels v’s Burping Cloths

The two products are very similar. And they are interchangeable.

Baby hooded towel in packaging

Use – Towels are used to dry a baby. And burping rags can be used as an alternative. Likewise, a towel can be used as a spit-up pad. To learn other uses for spit-up pads read this article.

Size -Towels are bigger than cloths. Our baby hooded towel measures 85cm x 85cm. While the burping pad is 45cm x 22cm. But the size of a spit-up pad would be suitable to use as a towel for a newborn baby.

Price – It will depend on what towel you buy. For instance, you can get cheap ones from a department store. While our hooded towel is $55.95 and the spit-up cloth is $19.95. Making the towel 3 times as much. So you may want to buy more burping rags instead.

Materials – Similar materials are used for both products. Flannel, cotton and bamboo are typical fabrics used for these. So your baby won’t feel much of a difference.

I hope these comparisons between burping rags and other products have been helpful. If you have any questions please contact me.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the designer and maker of the My Little Love Heart range of burp rags.

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