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This stylish and practical baby hooded towel is made from premium eco-friendly organic cotton.

They are;

  • Super soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin.
  • 100% hypoallergic meaning it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Made from 100% chemical-free organic cotton. Making it an eco-friendly and sustainable option.
  • Hooded to keep your baby’s head warm and make it easier to dry their hair.
  • Complete with rib edging.

This baby hooded towel is a must-add to any baby register or newborn essentials list. You could include this towel with a bath toy, baby washcloth or hair brush set to make the ultimate bathing gift set.

What are the benefits of hooded baby towels?

These are carefully designed with babies in mind. We’ve compiled some of the benefits of purchasing one of our towels.

  • Temperature: Babies are unable to regulate their body temperature like us adults can. So once they have finished playing with their bath toys. You can remove them from the bath and dry them and keep them warm before we put clothes on them. The hood on them ensures that their head is kept warm and they do not lose too much heat.
  • Safe and Secure: Newborns and small babies are used to the warmth and safety of their mother’s womb. So you might find that not all newborns enjoy the experience of bathing. Some find it soothing, while others find it daunting. A hooded baby towel acts as a cocoon which emulates that safety. It is also made from hyperallergic material which is safe for your child’s delicate skin
  • Easier to clean: A baby towel is much more lightweight and easier to manage. Especially when cleaning stains and accidents between changes. It is the perfect size when transferring your baby from the bath to the changing table.

These are a great addition to your essentials list or gift registry. As they make for a practical baby shower present. It will help establish a great bath routine for your children as they grow. Keeping them feeling safe and helping reduce the hassle and fuss for you!

What is the size of a baby hooded towel?

Sizes can vary depending on who and where it’s been made. The towel we stock is 85cm x 85cm. A little bigger than the standard 30 x 30-inch baby towel. Which is the perfect amount of coverage to keep them warm after their bath.

Should baby towels be soft?

The simple answer is YES! A newborn’s skin is still developing in the first few months of life. This means, unlike us adults, their skin is thinner and much more fragile and sensitive. Soft towels are crucial for inflammatory skin like cradle cap, or skin conditions like eczema. So as not to create further discomfort and damage.

What materials are best?

Like any other clothing or bedding that’s in direct contact with your newborn’s skin. The materials should be 100% hyperallergic and organic. This means it is unlikely to cause irritation to your child’s skin. And is also suitable for children with skin conditions. Materials like organic cotton, or organic bamboo are the best materials. So keep an out for these materials when buying towels.

How many bath towels does a newborn need?

There is no ideal number of newborn bath towels you should buy. This is because every newborn and family is different. So the number you buy for your newborn depends on a few factors. This includes how often you complete laundry and the number of “accidents” your child has. To ensure you have enough available in case of accidents and between washes, three to four will suffice.

These can be purchased from us online or from our baby shop in East Perth. And they retail for $55.95

Can I use normal towels for a newborn?

If you do not have a hooded towel for your baby. You can use a normal adult-sized one but there are some things to keep in mind when using regular ones such as:

  • Sharing towels: If they are using a regular towel ensure other members of the household do not use the same one. Even if it has been washed. The towels you use for your baby should be easier to differentiate from the others. For instance a different pattern or colour.
  • Washing: It is highly likely that your baby will soil or pee on the towel after their bath. Which can take up more space in your washing machine, making it a little more difficult to clean. A compact-sized towel for babies makes laundry a little less fussy!
  • Texture: Babies have soft skin and the texture in the terry cloth material typically used in regular ones might not be suitable. And can end up irritating your child’s delicate skin.
How long should babies be using a hooded towel?

These are not just for infants and small babies. If your toddler enjoys their hooded towel, you can continue to use it until they outgrow it.

Should you wash baby towels before use?

Yes. They can easily pick up dust, germs, dirt and other irritants when they are being transported and stored.

Do you wash new towels in hot or cold water?

When washing them for the first time, always follow the directions provided on the label. For these towels, wash them in a cold machine tumble wash and then air dry. If you use a dryer, ensure to tumble dry on low only. They can be ironed on low but do not bleach.

How do you keep baby towels soft?
  • Reduce washing detergent: If you are using washing detergent, avoid using fabric softeners. Use a little bit of hypoallergenic liquid or a chemical and fragrance-free detergent. Using fabric softeners can coat your towels with unwanted chemicals. And that will reduce the absorbency of the towel. While too much laundry liquid can cause build-up which reduces its softness.
  • Don’t over-dry: You also want to ensure you do not over-dry them. So as soon as it’s dry, remove it from the dryer or the washing line.
  • Wash separately: Towels are designed to absorb water. So washing it with coloured clothes and other laundry will increase the chances of the towel absorbing the dye from other articles.
How often should you wash a bath towel?

Before we answer that, we need to explore the correlation between towels and germs. People think that because they’ve had a shower and are clean, their towel also remains clean for several uses. But studies show that they are a breeding ground for various germs. Especially if it is kept damp in your bathroom and not air-dried properly.

Towels accumulate dead skin cells, bodily secretions, fungi and other germs when being used. So they must be washed frequently. But how often is frequently?

In an interview with Tech Insider, Dr. Philip Tierno a microbiologist from the New York University School of Medicine. He recommends that bath towels should be changed after three uses (not days). And that’s if you are able to dry your towel completely between uses. So having three to four towels will ensure you have enough for your newborn between those washes.

Does a baby need a hooded towel?

No, they don’t need to have one but the benefits to their health, hygiene and comfort far outweigh not having one. They make the experience of bathing more enjoyable and comfortable. And helps make every parent’s life much easier!

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Material: 100% Organic Cotton
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Size: 85cm x 85cm
Colour: Natural White
Designed in: Australia
Made in: China
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