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We offer a large range of unisex baby gifts that are full of gender neutral practical and stylish products.

Occasions for gifting Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

There are many reasons for gifting Unisex hampers. The main ones include;

Pregnancy – A pregnancy present can be given before the gender of the baby is known. So buying one that is gender neutral is appropriate.

Gender Reveal – These are the perfect gift if giving a gender reveal hamper. No one will know the gender of the baby so a unisex gift is preferred.

Baby Shower – Many parents-to-be will not want to know, or keep the gender of their baby a secret. In this case, these sets are perfect for a unisex baby shower gift.

Newborn – Even after the birth lots of parents choose to have gender neutral products and clothes. These unisex gift baskets are perfect for welcoming a newborn baby.

What comes in the unisex baby hampers

Each set is unique and full of stylish and practical products that new parents would love to receive. These include our handmade range of bibs, burp cloths, washcloths, breast pads and teethers. As well as other useful gender neutral products like swaddles, hair brush sets, bath toys and beanies. We also have some products for Mum including candles, bath salt and non-alcoholic drinks.

Gender Neutral Prints and Colours

We are always updating our gender neutral and unisex prints and colours.

Our current collection of prints includes rainbow, banana, koala, kangaroo, rabbits, safari, hearts and farm designs.

We also have a large selection of unisex plain colours including Mustard, Aqua, Navy, Oatmeal, Black, grey, Yale Blue, Sky Blue, Sage, Tan Brown and Indigo.

Delivery, online and in-store options

We offer a range of ways to buy our unisex baby hampers. You can visit us at our baby gift store in East Perth. Order online and collect or arrange for us to deliver.

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