Baby Shower Gift Card

A gift card baby shower party is when the guests give gift vouchers instead of a physical present for the baby shower.

If you want to do a gift card-only baby shower we have some tips. But before deciding if this is for you we recommend reading our pros and cons article. 

Types of vouchers available

There are two main types of vouchers that you can request for your baby shower. These are a physical card in which you get a physical card. Or an e-voucher that is emailed to you. 

Which company gift card should you request? 

When deciding which gift vouchers you should ask for for your baby shower consider the type of products you want to receive. For instance, our shop specialises in bibs and burp cloths. Therefore getting a voucher from a store like ours would enable the recipient to get the best items and product knowledge. You can also ask for vouchers from stores that are local or specialise in maternity or new mums. You could also ask for vouchers for your baby shower at one of the big department baby stores or even a supermarket that sells nappies. Also, consider if the shops offer online or in-store and do they issue physical or e-vouchers. The key is to ask for vouchers from a variety of different stores.

What to write on the invite

Once you’ve decided to throw a baby shower gift card party it’s time to send out the invite. When writing it include all the relevant details including the location, date and time. But also state that you would prefer to receive vouchers rather than physical gifts. But word the invite carefully otherwise it can appear tacky. We have an article on some suggesting on what to write on the invite. But this should include that bringing a gift or voucher is not necessary. And it’s more important for you that they attend.

We hope this article on baby shower gift voucher parties has been helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to free to contact us.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the maker and owner of the My Little Love Heart range of products.

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