The My Little Love Heart range of bibs is renowned for its quality and stylish designs. They are beautifully curated bibs that are handmade in Australia using eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Styles of Baby Bibs

We offer a large range of styles to suit every aspect of the baby’s life.

The newborn range has been developed with ease of use and practicality in mind. With the fastening system on the side. Making it easy to put on and remove while the baby is feeding.

While the bandana dribble bib style is ideal for babies going through the difficult time of teething and capturing excess dribble. While materials used are super absorbent and stylish. This bib is great for day-to-day use.

The larger style is for messy babies and toddlers. They have a large front to protect their clothes from getting dirty.

Finally, the last style is in the Boho range. This is a special occasion bib that can be worn for any important event. And keep your baby dry while functioning well.


Our range has many benefits that include;

  • Made in Australia
  • Organic, eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • Absorbent and Soft on your baby’s skin
  • Two snap fasteners to increase the size of a growing baby.
  • Stylish and on-trend

Unisex, Boys, and Girl’s Prints and Plain Colours

We pride ourselves on the prints we use. And are always updating the designs to keep your baby looking good. These include various colours and prints to suit any of their outfits. Below is our current selection.


Our selection of unisex designs includes rabbits, bananas, koalas, and rainbows prints. We also have a range of plain colours that are gender-neutral.


Our solid colour bibs include Indigo, Oatmeal, Grey, Sage, Burnt Almond, Mustard, Tan Brown, Autumn, Terracotta, Dusty Pink, Peach, Yale Blue, Pink, and Purple.


We have a beautiful selection of bibs for girls. These include the snowy bloom, butterflies, floral dream, snugglepot, blossoms, and floral gumnuts designs.


For the boys, we have the space, lions, shadows, clouds, dinosaurs, and leaf prints.

Absorbent Cotton Materials

Our range has been made with drooling babies in mind and will keep your baby dry. We use cotton and bamboo which are absorbent materials. The bamboo material is soft and suitable for your baby’s delicate skin. The materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. While our swing tags are made from recycled cardboard. All of these have two snap fasteners. Therefore the size can be adjusted and increased as your baby grows.

Made in Australia

Each one is handmade in Australia. And checked for quality as they are being made, packed and sent. They have been made with love and care in Australia and have not been mass-produced overseas.

Care and Maintenance

New parents are busy enough. So making a product that doesn’t require you to do anything special was a priority. As our bibs are made from cotton and can be machine washed and tumbled-dried. We have more detailed instructions here.

We stand by the quality of our bibs. And are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also provided many resources to help you decide which you would like. What sizes are available and how many do you need?

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