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We have a large selection of baby boy gifts that are full of stylish, organic and practical items. And have gone out of our way to source prints that are unique and stylish.

Different Styles of Baby Boy Gifts

These come in a range of sizes, colours and prints and are perfect for celebrating a variety of occasions.

Newborn Presents

Our smaller sets are the ideal gift to give to a newborn. They come with a dribble bib and teether. Both of which will be used soon after birth. It also comes beautifully gift-wrapped and complete with a card. We are also happy to add a message for you if you wish to have this delivered.

Baby Shower Gifts

The larger size is an ideal present to celebrate the baby shower. In this gift set, we have added an extra bib and a burping cloth. There are a variety of prints and colours to choose from.

Luxury Hampers

The deluxe luxury boys’ hampers are full of quality products that any new parent would love. In addition to some of our handmade items, we have included a dummy, a dummy chain and a memory book. All beautifully gift-wrapped and with a card.

Mum and Bub Gift Box

The mum and bib gift boxes are a favourite. These contain products for bib and mum alike. And there are even some boys’ prints too. These sets have a non-alcoholic drink, candle, nursing pads, bib and burping cloth.

Made in Australia

All our boys’ sets are curated and made in Australia. The majority of the products are handmade in our Western Australia based store. When adding other brands to our sets we try to include Australian brands.

Organic Gift Baskets

When it comes to our gift baskets we try to make them as organic, eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We use cotton and bamboo in our handmade pieces, which are eco-friendly. The packaging and tags are made from recycled cardboard and there is no plastic in any of our products or packaging.


We are always updating our prints. And our current fabrics include dinosaurs, space, clouds and lions. There is also a number of gender-neutral prints and solid colours. That is great as a unisex or gender reveal present.

Online, In-store or delivery

We offer a variety of ways to purchase baby boys gift sets. This is through our shop in East Perth, online and pick up or delivery. We deliver throughout Australia and around the world. And although we keep most of the items in stock it may take us a few days to make some items.

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