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Messy eaters gather around because we have the large bibs for you.

Why do toddlers need bibs?

Most people think that bibs are for newborns. But they can be used for anyone, including toddlers.

The age of a toddler is classified as between 1 and 3 years old. And they need bibs for a number of reasons. This includes keeping clothes clean during feeding. Capturing excess drool. And covering their outfit from grime and dirt when playing.

  • Feeding – Feeding a toddler is messy. And using a large toddler bib that has been designed to protect your baby’s clothes is preferred. There are other types of bibs that you can use too. These include a smock bib that’s also used for arts and crafts. And silicone bibs that have a trough on them that capture dropped food. In addition to bibs, there are a number of feeding accessories like suction bowls and plates that help keep mess to a minimum.
  • Drooling – Babies and toddlers drool a lot. Especially when they start to teeth. So having a large bib to protect your baby’s delicate skin is a must. We have an article to help you select which is the best bib for a drooling baby that will help. All our bibs are designed to capture drool however the bandana-style dribble bib is the best option for this.
  • Coverage – When your baby gets to the toddler stage they are busy exploring. Which in turn is very messy! So you want a large-size bib to protect their outfits. Toddlers’ clothes can be expensive so having a bib that protects them will save you money.

Size of Toddler Bibs

Our toddler bibs fit babies from 3 months of age to 2 years. The larger neck size has been developed for babies with bigger necks. And the adjustable fastening system lets you increase the size of the bib as your baby grows. The dimensions are 32cm long x 18cm wide at the neck x 7.5cm inside the neck.

They have been specifically designed to cover as much of your toddlers’ clothes as possible. These toddler bibs are both long and wide to give ample coverage. Perfect for a toddler or a messy eater.


These big bibs have a large front made from cotton, while the backing has a soft bamboo cotton mix. Both of these are absorbent and good for heavy droolers and messy eaters alike. And are a lot bigger than the newborn-style bibs.

Prints for the Bibs for Toddlers

Just because your toddler has a big bib, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. And this is why we have all our prints available in the larger style. These include our boys, girls and unisex designs.

Easy to Clean

As new parents, you will have more important things to do than handwash your bibs. And this is why we have made them easy to clean. All you need to do is put them in the washing machine and once finished dry them in a tumble dryer.

If you have any questions about our toddler bibs I would be happy to help. We have a number of resources. Or alternatively, visit me in the shop and I will be happy to answer any questions.

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