Silicone Training Cups

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These silicone training cups are a stylish and safe way for your baby to learn to drink for themselves. They can learn to grip the handles and use the straw. Slowly growing their independence and improving their motor skills.

Benefits of these training cups

The training cups have a spill-proof lid. So when your toddler knocks over their drink it won’t make a huge mess.

It also comes with a straw which is not spill-proof. But does reduce the amount of mess if knocked over. It also helps teach your toddler to use one.

The Little Ray Lane brand cups are ideal for when your toddler has started to drink for themselves. And helps them transition to an open cup.

And they are not only good for water. You can use them with other drinks. Like a babyccino or smoothie.


These are 100% BPA Free. And made with food-grade silicone. Ensuring they are safe for your baby to use. These are designed for babies 6 months and older.

Care and Maintenance

They are easy to care for and maintain. You can put on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean.

These baby feeding products are a great stepping stone for your toddler to start using larger cups.

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