Black and White Baby Book – Welcome to the World Little One


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“Welcome to the World Little One” is a black and white baby book with high-contrast images designed for a baby’s development.

A newborn baby’s eyesight is developing after birth and their colour perception is limited. And this is why a black and white baby book is best for their eyesight development. Babies can see best at 6-8 inches and can see white, black and shades of grey first.

Black and White Baby Book Benefits

This book:

  • Folds out in an accordion style, so it will self-stand. This is ideal for tummy time!
  • Stimulates and promotes baby’s vision development
  • High contrast black and white images – Perfect for your baby’s eyesight development.
  • The book contains an illustration of Mum and Dad. If this isn’t relevant you can request a free “Duck” sticker to cover it.
  • Illustrations include a cat, dummy, mum, teddy bear, nappy, dad, milk, bed, house, bath, dog, car, and ball.
Technical Specifications

Age: Suitable from 0 to 24 Months
Size: 16cm x 16cm
Brand: Young Wonderer
SKU: 9780646847047
ISBN: 978-0-646-84704-7
MPN: 19661
Illustrated in Australia By: Jennifer Brindle
Designed by: Michelle Brindle

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