Wooden Baby Brush and Comb Set


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This wooden baby brush and comb set is perfect for any newborn baby boy or girl.
The bristles on the brushes are soft and ideal for your baby’s scalp. While the beechwood handle adds that extra bit of class. The comb is compact and beautifully crafted and will be used on a daily basis.
This set is:
  • Compact and Stylish
  • Presented in a slideout drawer box
  • Contains massage brush, bristle brush and comb
  • Made from Bamboo, beechwood and goats hair

The baby brush and comb set contains:

Massage Brush
Large soft wooden bristles for detangling hair. Brushing your baby’s hair can reduce the development of cradle cap. This comes with small holes at the silicon base to allow airflow when pressed to maintain shape. It’s made with bamboo bristles in a soft latex pad with a beechwood frame.
Soft Bristle Brush
Can increase circulation to the hair follicles and is ideal for healthy hair growth. It is made from natural goat hair bristles with natural beechwood handle and frame.
Soft Tip Comb
Perfect for parting and styling your little ones’ hair. The soft tip comb is ideal to use straight after bath time. It’s made with 100% Natural beechwood.
The bristles may need to be cleaned over time. The best way to do this is to wash the bristle under cold water using a gentle soap. You must then dry immediately. Try to keep any of the wood from getting wet and do not immerse in chemicals or water. After washing, face the brush bristles down so water will not build up in the frame and handle. Otherwise, this will cause the frame to crack. Do not store in direct sunlight.
Technical Specifications
Set Comprises: 1 x Massage Brush, 1 x Soft Tip Comb, 1 x Soft Bristle Brush
Set Dimensions: 120mm x 200mm
Product Code: A-BR
MPN: 19637
Country of Design: Australia
County of Manufacture: China
Brand: 3 Little Crowns
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