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Celebrate your baby milestones with these stunning wooden milestone discs.

These baby wooden milestone discs are;

  • Stylish
  • Ideal for birth announcements
  • Perfect for photoshoots
  • A wonderful keepsake
  • Useful for second, third, fourth, or more babies
  • Made from timber so won’t bend like milestone cards

With a set of 14, there will be plenty of opportunities to use them. These wooden discs include;

  • I’m here – A chance for you to introduce your baby to the whole world. The “I’m Here” wooden plaque is an ideal prop to include in those first photos.
  • One week old – Hopefully you are home from the hospital and you are getting into the swing of being a new parent. The “one week” old timber milestone can be included in any photo.
  • One month through to twelve months old – A disc for every month from one through to their first birthday. You can even match the twelve-month disc with their matching first birthday bib. These discs are a gorgeous prop to be included in any of your snaps.

These wooden milestone plaques are made in Australia using natural blonde timber. The wooden discs themselves measure 11cm diameter with a 3mm thickness.

These are a great extension to the pregnancy milestone cards and would make for a wonderful gift for a new parent or baby shower. These wooden discs can be used in a professional photoshoot or while taking pictures at home. After using the discs in the photoshoot you can add the photos to the pregnancy journal or baby record book. Afterward, you can keep them as a keepsake to remember those first twelve months of your baby’s life.

Please note that these plaques are designed for use in photography, not as a toy for a baby. They should not be hung or placed within reach of newborns, infants, or toddlers. Also, due to the wood used to make them the grain can vary from disc to disc.

Technical Specifications

Measurement – 11cm circumference
Thickness – 3mm
Wood- Natural blonde timber
Qty – One set of 14 discs
Discs include: I’m here, one week, one month through to twelve months
Country of origin – Australia
Manufacturer: Note these are designed and manufactured by Zilvi

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