Guide for Display or Unwrapped Baby Shower

Baby showers come in a variety of ways to celebrate. And one of the most unique ones is a display or unwrapped baby shower.

What is it?

This is similar to a normal baby shower but for parents-to-be who don’t want to receive the presents for the baby shower wrapped. Instead, they request all gifts to be given free from gift wrapping. They are then presented at a table where guests can see the gifts that were given.

How do you bring gifts to an unwrapped baby shower?

If you are attending an unwrapped baby shower the best way to present the gift is by giving it to them unwrapped. The parents to be has specified that they don’t want excess wrapping. So it’s best to respect their wishes. But this doesn’t mean you have to hand over the gift by itself. You can tie a ribbon around it to make it a little more presentable. Or you could organise with your friends to each put a flower on each gift so that at the end of the party they can make a bouquet.

Baby Shower Set Up

What to write in the invite to a display baby shower 

If you are the host and this is the type of party you would like. How should you word the invite? We suggest making it simple and clear. 

If you wish you can add words like;

“We want chilfren to grow up in a world that’s not full of waste, therefore we request that if you choose to bring a gift to our baby shower please leave it unwrapped”.

Another option would be to say;

“We would love you to come to our display baby shower. To save time, money and waste, if you choose to bring a present please don’t wrap it. We can’t wait to see you there”.

Another example is;

“We would love for you to celebrate the baby shower with us. No gifts are necessary but if you choose to bring one then please leave it unwrapped”

Be sure to mention how a gift is not necessary. Baby showers are for you to spend time with family, friends and colleagues. They aren’t about the gifts. If you would like to learn more we have a detailed baby shower guide where you can learn more.

How to accept the unwrapped gift

When you are presented with a gift you should thank them for their thoughtful present. Feel free to ask where they found it (hopefully from our baby shower gift store). As the present will be unwrapped don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions. The person at the shop may have explained the product in more detail. Once received you can put them on display with the other gifts.

How do you display gifts for an unwrapped baby shower

The displaying of presents for an unwrapped baby shower doesn’t need to be complicated. Have a table with a white tablecloth draped over it. And include a note to say thank you. Something simple like “Thank you for your amazing gift, we will be forever grateful for your generosity. We can’t wait for you to meet our little one, best regards”.

You may also want to include some baby shower decorations or simply a flower bouquet. But don’t overcrowd the table as people will want to see all the gifts you have been given.

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Benefits and Disadvantages

Before deciding if a display baby shower is for you there are some things you should consider. These are;


There are many benefits to having an unwrapped baby shower. They are;

  • No waste – This is better for the environment and you aren’t throwing the wrapping in the bin. This is even better if you buy an eco-friendly or organic gift.
  • Everyone can view them at their leisure – There will be times during the party when you can take a break for yourself. And spending a few minutes viewing the gifts at your leisure.
  • Not wasting people’s time at the party – Some people love watching others opening gifts while others hate it. People may want to keep on socialising and enjoying themselves rather than watch you opening presents as they find this boring. To learn more we have an article on opening baby shower gift etiquette.
  • Cost – Although the cost of the wrapping materials is small, multiply this by 40 guests and you have managed to save a combined few hundred dollars for everyone.
  • Talking Point – Baby showers can be daunting, especially if you only know a few people. Having the gift on display is a great conversation starter. If you are meeting someone for the first time you can talk about your thoughts on having an unwrapped party or ask if they brought a gift. People are normally proud of the gifts they have brought. Especially if they have put a lot of time and effort into buying them. And will be happy to show you.


Not everyone will be a fan of the unwrapped gift party. And here are some disadvantages;

If you are undecided on having a display baby shower here are a few comments from Reddit users that may change your mind.

AntleredGypsy — “My shower is in July and I told my hosts I specifically want unwrapped gifts. My cousins did it that way, and honestly, it was such a nice time. Guests could fawn over all of the cute stuff, you could thank the guests for their thoughtfulness, and everyone actually got to spend time eating and mingling rather than sitting there bored. I highly recommend this!”

MlsRx — This is such a great idea, I wish I had thought of this for my shower. It is so awkward being big and pregnant sitting in front of everyone and unwrapping gifts! If anything it is tacky to have a big black trash bag there in the middle of everything as you try to keep yourself from drowning in paper!

We hope you have found this article informative. We would love to hear your thoughts on this type of baby shower and if you have attended one.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She hand-makes a large selection of gifts for babies and has been doing so for 7 years.

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