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Our boho bibs are designed for those special occasions where style and functionality count.

When you can use these bibs

Although you can use this day-to-day. We recommend you use them when you want your baby to look their best. Here are some of the occasions which you can use this for;

Christening or Baptism Bib

Perfect for a christening or baptism, this bib is full of style. There are four colours to choose from. These include Chai, Cinnamon, Peach Tea and Latte.

First Year Bib

The boho bibs have three layers with the first decorative, and the second and third made with absorbent materials. These will go with any of your baby’s 1st birthday outfits and are a beautifully stylish accessory.

Christmas Bib

Although we have a range of Christmas bibs these are still a great option. The classic boho bibs in red and oatmeal are a stylish and beautiful accessory for their Christmas outfit.


Although we have a separate range of Easter Bibs, these are a great alternative. Our Easter bibs have a rabbit print while these have a more classic and formal look.

Photoshoot Bib

This is such a stylish and original bib that it would look fantastic on any baby for their first photoshoot. And we recommend that all newborn photographers buy one as part of their accessories.

Birth Announcement Bib

Do you want to tell the world you are expecting a baby? There is no better way than to include this classic-looking bib in your birth announcement. And the best thing is you can use it once your little one is born.

If you have any questions about the boho bibs or any of the different styles please feel free to contact me.

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