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Explore our range of swaddles in a selection of colours and prints suitable for your baby girl or boy.

Materials of our Swaddles

The materials we use are 100% double gauze cotton. This is a light and soft fabric that has two thin layers of cotton that are stitched together.

We use this fabric because it has excellent moisture absorption. It also limits sweating and lets the body breathe. Which is essential for a sleeping baby. This fabric doesn’t wrinkle and it’s easy to sew.


The size will differ for different brands and manufacturers. Our size of muslin wrap is 105cm x 105cm.

Handmade in Australia

All our wraps are handmade in Australia at our East Perth studio. This enables us to check for quality as we are making, packing and shipping each individual item.

We are also a licensee of the Australian Made campaign. This is an organisation that ensures that any product that displays the green and gold Australian-made logo has in fact made the product in Australia.

Steps on how to swaddle

Below are some basic steps on how you can swaddle your baby. For a more detailed explanation read our article and watch the video.

Step 1: Lay it down flat in the shape of a diamond. Take the top corner and fold it downwards to the centre of the diamond. The top of the blanket should now be a straight line.

Step 2: Place your baby on their back on the blanket. Their neck should be along the blanket’s top edge. It’s important to note that only the body will be wrapped — not the head or neck.

Step 3: Hold your baby’s right arm gently down its side. Take the right corner of the blanket and pull it down and across your baby’s body. Tuck it underneath them on the left side. At this point, the left arm should still be free.

Step 4: Lift the bottom corner and pull it up over your baby’s legs. Tuck it beneath the left shoulder. This fold should be a bit looser so that the legs can move around a little.

Step 5: Hold the baby’s left arm down against their side gently. Take the left corner and lift it across your baby’s body, then tuck it into the other side of the blanket snugly.

Care and Maintenance

You can wash them like you would any blanket. Since it’ll be coming in close contact with your newborn’s skin. You should always wash it before the first time you use it.

Other uses

Apart from wrapping your baby, they have many other uses. These include;

  • Pram Cover
  • Blanket
  • Changing Mat
  • Nursing Cover
  • Playtime Cover

These are just some of the things you can use them for.

If you have any questions about the muslin wraps please contact us or visit us in-store. Or to learn more read our comprehensive guide.

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