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Our baby shower presents are stylish, practical and handmade in Australia. They come beautifully gift-wrapped and with a card, which we are happy to fill out for you!

When buying presents for a baby shower there are a few things to consider. Do you know the gender of the baby or are the parents keeping it a secret? Is there a possibility that it could be twins? Do the parents have a certain style they will like? The gift you choose will depend on these answers.

What to Consider for a Baby Shower Present

We have written a detailed article on what to look for when buying a baby gift. But below we have outlined some of the things you should consider.

Practical and Useful – You want to choose a gift that is practical and useful. Something that will be used regularly and appreciated.
Unique – You don’t want to be turning up to the baby shower with the same gift as everyone else. Look for something which is unique and not readily available.
Eco-Friendly – All our gift boxes are made with eco-friendly products. Making for the perfect organic baby hampers.
Stylish – Think of the kind of style the parents like, and try to choose a gift that would fit this style. The parents may like a certain genre, so buying a gift with this theme has shown you have thought about the present.
Australian or Handmade – Giving a gift that has been handmade will guarantee the individuality of the gift. Even better if the gift has been made in Australia.
The gender of the baby – When deciding what gift you will give the sex of the baby will play a major part. In general, boys were blues, greens and plain colours and patterns. While girls normally wear pink and more colourful items. This is a general rule and in modern times anything goes. Unisex prints are very common with solid earthy colours and patterns. And perfect for a gift when the baby’s sex isn’t known.
For Twins – When you are buying baby gifts for twins this will be a little different from giving a gift for a single baby. You will have to double the quantity and match their outfits as best as possible.
For mum – You may want to buy a gift for mum instead. This can be something that she will use like a maternity dress, candle or nursing pads.
Second Baby – When parents hold a shower for a second baby this is called a baby sprinkle. The type of present given for this differs greatly from a baby shower. This is because the parents are already set up with the essentials of a newborn. If you are buying for a second baby here are some baby sprinkle gift ideas.

Our Baby Shower Gift Boxes

We offer a large selection of luxury gifts for baby showers. And are available in a range of different sizes to suit your budget.

The newborn sets are the smallest which have a bandana bib and teether. The larger size comes with some bibs, teethers and burp cloths. While the biggest is the deluxe set that contains bibs, burp cloths, teethers, a journal, a dummy and a dummy chain. In addition, we have specific occasion sets that you might like. All of these come beautifully gift-wrapped and with a card, which we can write in for you.

Buy Online, Instore or Delivery

Our handmade baby shower gifts can be delivered throughout Australia and worldwide. As these include handmade items it can take up to three days to despatch. Our baby gift shop is based in East Perth. So feel free to come in and collect.

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