Baby Gifts from Aunt to Nephew

Becoming an Aunty is a special occasion, especially to a baby nephew. And buying them a hamper or gift to celebrate the latest member of the family is a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Occasions for the Auntie to spoil their nephew

As the Aunt, there are some occasions for you to celebrate the upcoming birth of your nephew. These include;

  • Baby shower – When selecting a gift for your nephew we suggest buying a boys baby shower hamper. These are full of practical and stylish products that any new parent would love to receive.
  • Newborn – Once the baby has been born it’s customary for the Auntie to buy a little gift for their nephew. We suggest selecting one of these newborn boy hampers. These are the perfect gift set to welcome a new baby to the world.
  • 1st Birthday – As the Auntie you will be attending their first milestone birthday and this is something to celebrate. You can do this by buying a boys first birthday gift for your nephew.

What to look for in a baby nephew hamper

There are many things to consider when buying a gift from the aunt to the nephew. The main ones are;

  • Boys themes – It’s best to choose themes that are unisex or suitable for a boys baby hamper. Think of buying colours that are predominantly blue, or neutral colours. Or prints to do with space, construction or water.
  • Practical – When buying the gift for your nephew ensure that the products you buy are practical. This way the new parents will be able to use them regularly and get value for money.
  • Stylish – You will be known as the stylish Aunt if you buy a hamper for your nephew with products that look amazing. The parents-to-be will be more likely to use your gift if it’s cute and stylish.
  • Age appropriate – Whether you are buying for a gender reveal, baby shower or to celebrate the birth of your nephew, make sure the gift is age-appropriate. Ideally, products that will be used within the first 12 months. 
  • Unique – Making your own hamper for your nephew will ensure that it is unique and original. This is why we offer the build your own boy hamper. This is where you can choose the products that you want to include for your nephew.

We hope you like these baby boy gifts for your nephew and enjoy being an aunty!

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. I am the maker of owner of the My Little Love Heart range of products.

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