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Our baby boy hampers are full of stylish and practical products any new parent would love to receive.

Why give a baby boy hamper

Gifting is the best way to show someone you care. It makes the recipient feel appreciated during what can be a tumultuous period of their life. And by giving a present specifically for a baby boy it shows that you have put thought and care into choosing the perfect present.

What to consider when buying a present for a baby boy

When buying a gift box for a baby boy there are a number of things that you should consider. These include;

  • Prints and Designs – The products you choose should be made from boys prints and designs. The colours blue, grey, indigo and brown are traditionally boys colours. While you should stay away from any shade of pink. Likewise, the print is important. Products with trucks, whales, dinosaurs, lions, and equipment are known to be boy designs. While girls traditionally have flowers and butterflies.
  • Boys-Specific Items – You should also choose hampers that have boys-specific items. This can be difficult because most products are gender-neutral for up to 1 year. This is where the choice of prints and designs becomes important.
  • Age Appropriate – When buying your boys baby hamper ensure that each product is suitable for babies under 6 months. This way the parents-to-be can use it straight away and get as much use out of it as possible.
  • Practical – All the products in the gift box should be practical. This way the items will be used and won’t go to waste.
  • Original and Unique – There is nothing worse than buying the same gift as someone else. So buy something that is unique and original and it will show the recipient you’ve gone out of your way to buy something different.
  • Australian Made – One way of giving unique baby boy gifts is to buy an Australian-made hamper. When you buy products that are made in Australia you’re supporting businesses who are employing locals and keeping money in the local economy.
  • Handmade – There is nothing greater than receiving a handmade baby hamper. Knowing someone has spent hours making the items and perfecting their craft to put in a baby boy hamper. Giving a gift of handmade also ensures your present is unique and original.
  • Organic Products – It’s important to reduce your global footprint. And this can be done by giving a gift made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Look for products made from cotton, bamboo or natural rubber. Packaging also plays a major part so make sure they aren’t full of plastic.

What can you put in baby boy hamper

There are many things you can include in baby boy gifts sets. Here are some suggestions;

  • Bibs – One of the most practical products you can give is bibs. And since they come in a selection of boys prints these are the perfect addition to a baby boy hamper.
  • Burp Cloths – A great item to include in any gift set. A burp cloth is versatile and can be used straight away.
  • Teethers – When the little boy starts teething the parents will be grateful that you included a teething toy in the hamper.
  • Swaddles – There are many boys print swaddles making them a great inclusion to any gift box. They will be used straight away and can be used for many different things.
  • Bath Accessories – These are a unique gift that nobody thinks about. Yet they are practical and fun to include in any hamper. Products like a washcloths, towels and bath toys are always appreciated by new parents
  • Hair Brush – A hair brush or grooming kit is a nice addition to a gift set. These aren’t a common item and yet they are very practical, even for boys.
  • Beanies – Make sure the little boys head is kept nice and warm with a beanie.
  • Onesie – A onesie is a staple of any gift set. They are practical and will be used daily.
  • Journals and Diaries – These are a perfect keepsake where the new parents can record every detail of their little boys first years.

We have a range of pre-made gift sets with a selection of different products. You also can make your own boys hamper.

Who should you give it to?

When giving a present for a baby boy it is customary to buy products that the baby will use. However, it is becoming more common to buy a present for mum and baby, the whole family or even just the mum

How Much to Spend on a Baby Boy Hamper

How much you spend on a gift for a baby boy will depend on a few factors. These include;

1. Have you given a gift already?

You may have already given a pregnancy gift, gender reveal hamper, or baby shower present. Therefore you aren’t expected to spend to much on a newborn present.

2. Your relationship with the parents-to-be.

The relationship with the new parents will have a big impact on how much you spend. If you are family member expect to pay $150 while a best friend would spend roughly $120. And a distant friend or work colleague would buy a gift under $100. But also depends on if you have brought a gift before and the occasion it’s celebrating.

3. The occasion

It will also depend on the occasion. In general, a pregnancy present and gender reveal gift will be less expensive than a baby shower hamper or newborn present.

To learn more read our article on how much to spend on a baby shower gift. This will give you a good indication of how much to spend based on your relationship.

When can you give a gift for a baby boy

There are many occasions where you can give baby presents, but if you are specifically buying for a boy this would be limited to the following;

  • Baby Shower – Before the baby shower, the parents-to-be will know the sex of the baby. So if they are having a boy it’s the perfect time to buy a boys baby shower gift.
  • Birth – Once the baby has been born the gender will be known. So giving a boys-themed newborn gift would be welcomed.
  • 1st Birthday – By the time the baby has turned one, they’ve developed their personality and likes. And you can buy more traditional gifts for boys like toy cars and dinosaurs.

We hope this article has helped you decide on which baby gift for boys you will buy. If you would like to learn more we have additional resources for you to explore.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the maker and owner of the My Little Love Heart range of baby gifts.

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