Australian Made Baby Gifts

We make our Australian made baby gifts onsite at our gift shop in Perth. And all are made from high-quality, eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Australian Made Baby Gifts –Licensee

It’s important for us to make our products here in Australia. And this is why we are a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign. To become a licensee you have to prove that your products are made in Australia. And as a consumer, it’s good to know an independent organisation has authenticated our products.

To identify that a product is made in Australia look for the green and gold logo.

Benefits of buying Australian Made

There are many benefits to buying Australian Made. These include;

  • Creating Local Jobs – When buying products made in Australia you are supporting someone’s wage.
  • Money Stays Locally- The money spent on Australian Made products stays in the local economy. Whether that’s through wages, profits, or supporting other local businesses.
  • Support Local Businesses- When buying one of our Australian Made Baby Hampers you are not only supporting us but many other small businesses. These range from our local printer, our fabric suppliers, our packaging company and other companies that we stock at our baby shop.
  • Made to Australian Standards – When it comes to baby items safety is the most important aspect. And Australian Made products must meet all Australian Standards. Furthermore, manufacturers based in Australia will know these standards better than everyone else.
  • Quicker Lead Times – As our baby gift sets are made in Australia we aren’t reliant on international supply chains and freight disruptions.
  • Easier Customer Service- When you have any customer questions, refunds or returns it is easier to contact local businesses rather than ones overseas. And as they have made their product here they have the tools, equipment and expertise to fix any issues you may have.
  • Higher Quality – We are proud of our workmanship. And like other Australian made brands we make products of a high quality.
  • Environmentally Conscious -Australians and Australian businesses in general care about the environment. And products that are made by Australian manufacturers can determine what materials are put in their products.

What is considered Australian Made

According to the Australian Made Campaign, a product can be classified as Australian Made if it underwent its last substantial transformation in Australia. This is the case for all of our range of baby gift sets.

Why do our products classify

We became a licensee of the Australian Made campaign because we are a strong believer in supporting local businesses and jobs. And to have our products approved we made a video of us making the products here in Australia. But we also love supporting other local businesses. And that is why we buy some of our materials, stock, packing and merchandising products from local vendors.

Australiana Themes

We have a huge selection of gift sets for babies. With our most popular being our Australiana themed baby presents. These are perfect for both locals and for sending overseas.

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