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Our baby top knot headband is available in a variety of sizes, prints and solid colours and is handmade in Australia.

Materials used for our baby top knot headband

As with all our baby hair accessories, the material we use in our baby, toddler and adult top knots is a cotton fabric. We have chosen this material as it is soft, eco-friendly, sustainably grown and won’t stretch.

Colours and prints

Our selection includes a range of solid colours and beautiful prints. These include;
Solid colours – We have a huge selection of plain colours, these include Yale blue, sage, red, mustard, oatmeal, grey, black, pink, tan brown, aqua, dusty pink, off-white, navy, Indigo and burnt almond.
Prints – The prints that we make are the butterflies, floral dream, snugglepot, Botanical, floral gumnuts, leafs, blossoms, and snowy blooms.

Handmade in Australia
Each of these has been handmade in our East Perth studio. This item has been approved as an Australian Made product and we are a licensee if the Australian Made campaign.

Sizes available for our knot headbands
We offer three different sizes, plus some combinations. The sizes are baby, toddler, and adult. And the combinations on offer are the baby and adult, and the toddler and adult.

Babies are considered to be from the age of a newborn through to 1 year old. And our knot headband is suitable for this age.

Although the head circumference of toddlers can differ substantially. We have made our toddler top knots to suit those from 1 year through to 5 years of age.

The adult top knot is designed for the mum. We make these as a stand-alone item so even if you aren’t a parent you can still buy one.

Mum and Me Sets
You can match with your daughter with these mum and me combinations. These are;
Baby and Adult – You will both look stunning in the first family and photos when you wear your matching mum and me top knots.
Toddler and Adult – Catch up with your mother’s group in style while sipping on a baby chino.

Other hair accessories
In addition to the knot headbands, we offer a large selection of children’s hair accessories. These include the mini bows that are ideal for newborns. The headbands for babies, and the larger toddler-size headband.

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