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This beautiful pregnancy diary is perfect for you to express your feelings and document every step of your pregnancy. Measuring approximately 19cm high x 15cm Wide x 2cm thick it fits easily into your handbag when heading off for your checkups. This is the perfect pregnancy planner as you can record all your information in one space.

The baby pregnancy diary contains the same internal pages as the 9 Months Pregnancy Journal. The difference between the journal and this maternity diary book is the linen cover and colour, all the internal pages are the same.

Internal pages of the pregnancy diaries

It comes with plenty of room to write and includes space;

  • Due date and journey to conception – To write about when your miracle is due and the journey to conception.
  • Birth plans – One of the major parts of preparing for the baby is the birth plan. There is a section where you can add your plans for your birth and what you would like to pack in your hospital bag.
  • To-do lists – A to-do list is a must and there is room to write what you need to prepare for the first, second, and third trimesters. Use this pregnancy planner to be prepared and create a comprehensive to-do list before the baby arrives.
  • Research and resources – There is an area where you can add a list of resources to read. You will be given a huge amount of advice so you can include all this research including websites, books, and social media accounts here.
  • Appointments – You will have many appointments over the 9 months so make sure you write these down here in the diary.
  • Shopping lists – There is a space to write all the items you need to buy. It can be daunting so we have a comprehensive guide on the baby essentials for first-time parents. We also have a shop which you can come and view products and ask for advise.
  • Nursery Plans – When designing your nursery thoughts will pop into your head in the middle of the night. Having the baby bump diary close to hand will make jotting down those thoughts really easy.
  • Weekly entries – Weekly diary updates from 6 through to 40 weeks, including spaces for photos.
  • Baby Names –  Choosing a baby name can be a difficult task. Included is space for you to write your suggestions and thoughts on what you will be calling your little boy or girl.
  • Welcoming the baby – Here you will be completing your diary and have a fond memory of your pregnancy. Include your baby’s details including name, date of birth, weight, and anything else you would like.

The maternity diary book is the perfect book to write about the pregnancy journey you are undertaking and a chance to document your own pregnancy story.

After the birth of your little one, you will want to keep on documenting your and their lives. We have a selection of books for you to choose from to record all of their achievements and firsts.

We have a diary to record the first years of your baby’s life and a diary from birth through to five years of age. Each diary will be a treasured keepsake and you will look back on fond memories. When your baby is an adult you will be able to pass it down to them. In turn, they can pass it down to their children.

As well as our pregnancy books we have a diary to celebrate the first year and all the first of the baby’s life. Please view our complete range of pregnancy and baby diaries to learn more.

Pregnancy Diary Specifications

In addition to the internal pages the diary has;

  • Natural linen hardcover
  • Bound with a gold embossed title and spine
  • White Ribbon Marker
  • 144 Pages
  • 120 GSM internal paper
  • Designed in Melbourne
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