Australian Baby Gifts to Send Overseas

Below is a beautiful selection of Australian Baby gifts to send overseas to a loved one or friend.

Unfortunately, we don’t send these directly overseas due to ongoing customs issues however we are happy to send them to you in Australia for you to ship yourself.

Above are some of our baby presents while below we outline what to look for when selecting a gift to send overseas for a new baby.

Australian Made – You will want the products you send to be made in Australia. We have a large selection of Australian Made hampers that are perfect for sending internationally. The last thing you want is to be sending a gift from Australia to a loved one with the tag ‘Made in China’. So when selecting the products make sure you choose Australian Made and support the local economy.

Australiana Themed – The baby gift you are sending internationally should have an Australiana theme. This will make the gift unique and original. And will be a great present for the parents to remind them of home. We have a variety of Australiana-themed gift boxes. These include the botanical, floral gumnuts, koala, wattle, and kangaroo sets.

Contents – If you are sending your own baby hamper to a loved one overseas consider the contents carefully. At the very least don’t send dangerous goods, foods or any type of contraband. You want your gift to be delivered without any problems with customs. Also, consider the quality and safety of the products. Items that are considered safe in Australia might not be in another country. Also, be culturally aware. Some products that are normal in Australia might be forbidden elsewhere.

Weight – When deciding what to include in your. Baby hamper to send overseas you should consider the weight of the products. Items that are heavy like a candle or a big jar of Vegemite wouldn’t be practical. Items that are lightweight or made from fabric would be perfect. The items chosen for these gift boxes are lightweight, stylish and practical.

Packaging – Make sure the gift set you are sending is packaged well and in sturdy packaging. As this is sent from Australia it will be handled multiple times and pass through lots of destinations. Good, strong packaging will ensure the gift box arrives in good condition. And if you choose one of our sets we will make sure it’s packaged to an acceptable standard.

Cost and Other Charges – When sending items overseas the recipient country may charge you additional fees. Various taxes and import duties may be incurred by the receiver. So it’s important to keep this in mind. To help reduce the chance of this happening keep the value of the item under $100 and mark the item as a gift. This won’t help all the time but will reduce the chances of the present getting caught up in delays and extra costs.

Destination – If you are sending gifts yourself, check with Australia Post to ensure there are no restrictions on the country you are delivering to. Geo-political, natural disasters or other reasons may have counties close their borders to deliveries.

We hope you have found this article helpful in sending baby presents overseas. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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This article was written by Luisa Figueroa. She is the maker, designer and owner of My Little Love Heart baby gifts and accessories.

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