Australian Made Bibs

Our Australian Made Bibs are hand-crafted with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Styles of our Australian Made Bibs

There are four styles to choose from. Our smaller bibs are the perfect first bib. And are ideal for a newborn. While the bandana style is for babies that are three months old. Who is drooling a lot and going through teething. The larger style bibs are for toddlers and messy eaters. The final style is the Boho Bib. This is stylish and elegant and ideal for special occasions.

Australian Prints

We pride ourselves on being an Australian company that makes our bibs locally. We especially love the Australiana prints. These include Koalas, Floral Gumnuts, and Botanicals. These fabrics and many more are sourced from other local companies. So supporting us also supports other local businesses.

Australian Made Licensee

We are also a licensee of the Australian Made campaign. This is an organisation that verifies that manufacturers produce their products in Australia. It also gives us the ability to display the green and gold Australian Made kangaroo logo.

All our Australian Made Bibs are made from cotton and bamboo. They are extremely absorbent and keep your baby dry. And are all checked for quality before being sent from our Perth shop.

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