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Our handmade bibs are stylish, absorbent and eco-friendly.

How we make our handmade bibs

Every aspect of the making process is done by hand. We start by marking out and cutting the cotton and bamboo fabric materials. We then sew our logo and the fabrics together. Add the snap fasteners and check for any defects or loose threads. Finally, we iron and attach our swing tags. The materials we use throughout the process are eco-friendly. From the fabrics to the recycled cardboard for the tags.

Supporting Local and Homemade

Each bib is made by myself in Australia, at our East Perth studio. Being handmade gives each piece its individuality.

It also is a great feeling knowing you are supporting an Australian handmade brand. And that you or the person receiving the bib will be receiving a unique product. One that has been crafted by hand. And not mass-produced. You will also know that the maker isn’t slave labour and they aren’t being exploited.

Buying handmade helps support local businesses. And in most cases keeping traditions and family businesses alive. You will also be supporting the artisans’ dreams

And the quality is second to none. People who handmake items have spent years and decades perfecting their craft. Meaning you will be receiving the highest quality bibs available.

You will be receiving a product made with love. Makers love what they do. And put their love into their products.

When you buy a handmade bib you are connecting with the maker. In our instance, we set up our baby shop in East Perth so people could visit us to see how items are made and ask us questions. Alternatively, we have a large number of resources online.

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