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Baby Shower Games – 20 Easy and Fun Games To Play

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a newborn baby. And what better way to liven up the party than with some baby shower games.

Here we detail our favourite baby shower games that we play in Australia;

  • 1. What’s in the nappy bag?— Blindfold the mum-to-be and place a range of baby-related products in a nappy bag. Watch as she struggles through trying to guess what the product is. Make sure you have a large selection of products to choose from. 

What you need; Nappy Bag, items to put inside like infant bibs, nappies, nursing pads, onesies, spit-up cloths, Sudocrem and dummies. If you are struggling with ideas read our baby essentials article.

  • 2. Baby Shower Bingo — Like normal bingo except the words are baby related. To play, make one bingo card full of words and print enough copies for each guest. Cut up the original card and put it into a bowl. Start drawing the words out one by one. The first person who has a straight line either up or down yells out Bingo and wins. 

What you need; Pens, gifts for the winner and bingo cards. If you don’t want to make the cards yourself look at this alternative.

Baby Shower Bingo Card – Image Credit: Tulamama
  • 3. Blindfolded baby change — Have half a dozen baby dolls and lay them out on a table. Give each participant a cloth nappy and pins and a blindfold. See who can put the nappy on the baby doll the quickest. The winners of each “heat” go into the final.

What you need; Prizes for the winners, cloth nappies, safety pins and baby dolls.

  • 4. Draw the baby — In this game, the guests draw a picture of a baby. When finished, all the drawings are given to the mum-to-be for her to select a winner. She gets to keep these as a beautiful memory of the day. 

What you need; Prizes for the winner, paper and pencils.

  • 5. Baby name race — Write each letter of the alphabet down the page and photocopy the pages for everyone. When the host says start it is a race to fill each letter with a name. You can make it harder by specifying boy’s or girl’s names only. I.e Alison, Brenda, Claire, Dorothy. Whoever completes the sheet first is the winner.

What you need; Paper with the alphabet, pencils and a prize for the winner. Here is a pre-made sheet ready to go.

Baby Name Race Card – Credit: Momtivational
  • 6. Decorate a onesie — Another game for the artists. Here everyone is given a onesie and asked to decorate it. Use markers or paint pens that don’t wash off. This way you have a daily reminder and memento from all your friends from the baby shower. And your baby will have a unique and custom-made onesie.

What you need; Onesies, paint pens or permanent markers.

  • 7. My water broke— Buy tiny baby dolls and freeze them in ice cubes. After guests have arrived place in everyone’s drink. The first person whose ice cube melts and releases the baby yells “My water broke” and is the winner. Due to the hot weather in Australia, this will be a quick game.

What you need; Miniature baby dolls about 1/2 inch long, ice cube trays, freezer and a prize for the winner.

  • 8. Guess when the baby will be born — This is a fun game and can be played during or outside the baby shower. Everyone guesses a time and date of when the baby will arrive. Hopefully, there won’t be a winner on the day!

What you need; Pencil, paper and a prize for the winner.

  • 9. Guess the gender — Designed for those who are having a surprise baby. All the guests write down what they think the sex of the baby will be. You can play this at a gender reveal party.

What you need; Pencil, paper and a prize for the winner.

  • 10. Baby unscramble — Write a list of words down the page but have them spelled incorrectly. It’s a race to unscramble each word and the person who unscrambles them correctly first is the winner. An example would be; YLAP MGY = PLAY GYM

What you need; Pencil, paper and prizes. This sheet has some suggestions you may want to use.

Baby Word Scramble: – Credit: Mom Junction
  • 11. Don’t say baby — An oldie but a goodie. Everyone has a toy pacifier around their neck and they are not allowed to say the word “baby”. If they do they have to remove it. The last one with the dummy is the winner.

What you need; String, toy pacifiers, and a prize for the winner.

  • 12. Song game — Tests your guests’ music knowledge by seeing who can write down the most songs with the word “baby” in it. Think “Don’t call me baby” and “Ice Ice Baby” to get you started. The person with the most songs written down is the winner.

What you need; Paper, pencils and a gift for the winner.

  • 13. Bobbing for pacifiers — Fill up a big bucket with water and drop half a dozen pacifiers into it. Time how long your guests take to get out all the dummies while having their hands behind their backs. The winner is the person who does it the quickest.

What you need; Bucket, water, pacifier, stopwatch and gift for the winner.

  • 14. The price is right—  Growing up in Australia I loved this television game show. The rules are you have to guess the price of each item without going over. To start the game give everyone a piece of paper with the products written on each. Have all the participants guess the value of each item and the total of all the items. Whoever guesses the closest to the total amount but without going over wins.

What you need; Paper, pencil, calculator and a gift for the winner. For a suggestion on what to include read our baby shopping list. And to help you prepare here is the price is right template.

The Price Is Right – Credit:
  • 15. Guess who— Asks guests to send in a baby photo of them. Pin them all up on a wall and see who can guess who is who. This is a great icebreaker game to get people talking. We suggest doing this first and for everyone to wear a name tag. The person to get the most right is the winner.

What you need; Everyones baby photos, a wall for pinning onto, pencils, paper and name tags.

  • 16. Guess the food — Get a large paint pallet and fill it with various types of baby food. Everything from mashed peas to blended carrots. Blindfold guests one by one and make them taste and guess the food. The winner is whoever guests correctly the most. 

What you need; Spoons, a large paint pallet, a pencil, paper, various types of baby foods. And a prize for the winner.

  • 17. How big is the bump — People will be commenting on the size of your bump all the time. So now it’s time to see who can guess the closest. Here, everyone estimates how big the bump is and writes down the answers. Whoever is the closest is the winner.

What you need; Measuring tape, pencil, paper, and a prize for the winner.

  • 18. Quiz — This game takes a bit of preparation and cooperation from the mum-to-be. Before the baby shower, ask her a range of questions and record the answers. At the baby shower ask the guests the same questions and see who knows the mum to be best. The person with the most correct answers wins.

What you need; Prize for the winner, pencils and the sheet of questions with the answers blanked out.

Who knows Mum the Best – Credit Games for Baby Shower
  • 19. The string game — Similar to the “how big is the bump” game. Here the guests cut a piece of string the size of what they think the bump is. Then take turns measuring it around the mum-to-be. The closest is the winner!

What you need; String, scissors and a prize for the winner.

  • 20. Jelly babies in a bottle — Buy a large bag of jelly babies and place them in a bottle. Ask the guests to guess how many there are. The winner gets to take them all home.

What you need; Bottle and jelly babies.

My favourite part of any baby shower is the games. Hopefully, you will be able to use some, if not all these. If you are busy organising a baby shower we have many helpful articles to assist you. These include baby shower venues, alternatives to a baby shower and the ultimate baby shower guide. And if you are stuck for baby shower gift ideas we can help.

This article was originally published on 26th February 2021 and has been updated on 25th June 2023 to make it more concise.

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