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20 Easy and Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a newborn baby. And what better way to liven up the party with baby shower games.

In this article we will touch on everything relating to baby shower games including 20 of our favourites!

So why have baby shower games?

Mainly to have fun, laugh and smile and turn what could be an otherwise boring shower into some great memories.

It’s also a great way for guests to mingle and to interact with people they don’t know. Baby showers are an easy environment for people to relax and meet and games make it even easier.

How many games should you play?

You may be curious to know how many games you should play at a baby shower? This will be determined by how much time you have. We feel the optimum number of games is between 6–8 games. You want to give your guests time to mingle, relax and socialise.

Which games shall we play at a baby shower? 

Here we have listed our 20 favourite games. There is a variety of different types including activities, quizzes and guessing games. These include;

  • What’s in the nappy bag? – Blindfold the mum-to-be and place a range of baby-related products in a nappy bag. Watch as she struggles through trying to guess what product is which. Make sure you have a large selection of products. Some suggestions are baby burp cloths, teethers, nappies, onesies and bandana bibs. If you are struggling with ideas read our article on what to pack in a nappy bag.
  • Baby Shower Bingo — Make one bingo card full of baby-related words and then print the number of cards you need for each player. Cut up the original card and put it into a bowl. Start drawing the words out one by one. The first person who has a straight line either up or down must yell out Bingo and they are the winner. Remember to have enough pens and sheets for everyone and a few gifts for the winners.
  • Blindfolded baby change – This game is pretty self-explanatory. Have half a dozen baby dolls and lay them out on the table. Then give each participant a cloth nappy and pins. Blindfold each participant and see who can put the nappy on the baby quickest. The winner will then go into the final to compete against the other winners. If you want to make it easier you can use disposable nappies.
  • Draw the baby — Some people are naturally gifted at art and they will have a clear advantage. In this game, all the guests draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. At the end, all the drawings are given to mum to be as a beautiful memory of the day. These would be a fantastic inclusion in a baby record book.
  • Decorate a onesie – Another game for the artistic people in our lives. Here everyone is given a onesie and asked to decorate and sign it. Use markers or paint pens that don’t wash off. This way you have a daily reminder and memento from all your friends from the baby shower. And your baby will have a unique and custom-made onesie.
  • My water broke — before the baby shower buy little baby dolls and freeze them in ice cubes. After guests have arrived on the day, place the ice cube into everyone’s drink. The first persons ice cube to melt fully and releases the baby yells “My water broke” and is the winner of the game.
  • Guess when the baby will arrive — This is always fun and can be played outside the baby shower with work colleagues, friends and family. Everyone guesses a time and date of when the baby will arrive. Hopefully there won’t be a winner on the day!
  • Guess the gender — Designed for those who are having a surprise baby. All the guests write down when they arrive what they think the sex of the baby will be. 
  • Baby name race — This game is pretty straightforward. Write each letter of the alphabet down the page and photocopy enough pages for everyone. When the host says start it is a race to fill each letter with a name. You can make it harder by specifying boys or girls names only. I.e Alison, Brenda, Claire, Dorothy.
  • Baby unscramble — Here you write a list of words down the page but have them spelled incorrectly. It’s a race to unscramble each word and the person who unscrambles them correctly first is the winner. An example would be; YLAP MGY = PLAY GYM
  • The price is right — Just like the television game show, you have to guess the price of items without going over the price. To start the game give everyone a piece of paper with the products written on each. Have all the guests guess the value of each item and the total of all the items. Whoever guesses the closest to the total amount but without going over wins.
  • Don’t say baby — An oldie but a goodie, everyone has a toy pacifier around their neck and they are not allowed to say the word “baby”. If they do they have to remove the pacifier. The last one with the dummy is the winner.
  • Quiz — This game takes a bit of preparation and cooperation from the mum-to-be. Ask her a range of questions, anything you like and record the answer. On the day ask the guests the same questions and see who knows the mum to be best. The person with the most correct answers wins.
  • Song game — Tests your guests’ music knowledge by seeing who can write down the most songs with the word “baby” in it. Think “Don’t call me baby” and “Ice Ice Baby” to get you started.
  • Bobbing for pacifiers — Fill up a big bucket with water and drop half a dozen pacifiers into it. Time how long your guests take to get out all the dummies while having their hands behind their backs. The winner is the person who does it the quickest.
  • Guess who – Asks guests to send in a photo of when they were a baby. Pin them up on a wall and see who can guess who is who. This is a relaxed game and great as an icebreaker to get people talking. We suggest doing this first.
  • Guess the food — Get a large paint pallet and fill it with various types of baby food. Everything from mashed peas to blended carrots. Blindfold guests one by one and make them taste and guess the food. The winner is whoever guests correctly the most times. Make sure you have enough spoons so people don’t have to wash or share.
  • How big is the bump — People will be commenting on the size of your bump all the time. So now it’s time to see who can guess the closest. Here, everyone estimates how big the bump is and writes down the answers. Whoever is the closest is the winner.
  • The string game — Similar to the “how big is the bump” game. Here the guests cut a piece of string the size of what they think the bump is. Then take turns to measure it around the mum-to-be. The closest is the winner!
  • Jelly babies in a bottle — Buy a large bag of jelly babies and place them in a bottle. Ask the guests to guess how many are there. The winner gets to take them all home.

My favourite part of any baby shower is the games. Hopefully you will be able to use some if not all of these for your baby shower. Most of all enjoy the day spending time with family and friends and celebrating the upcoming birth.

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