Gift from Grandparents to Newborn Baby

Welcoming a grandchild to the world is an exciting time. And as a grandparent, you want to give a thoughtful, quality baby gift. This is why we offer a selection of gift sets for a granddaughter or grandson for you to give. All of these have been handmade from our baby shop in Perth, Australia.

Whether you are buying a baby shower gift or a newborn present, we have a selection that any new parent would love to receive. And being made in Perth, Australia, you know the love and care that went into each stitch to create a unique and original piece. And what better way of expressing this love than by giving a handcrafted gift to your granddaughter or grandson.

The sets we offer are;

Granddaughter Gifts

With a selection of different prints and sizes, there is something for everyone. Your granddaughter will look adorable wearing her handmade bib while chewing on her teether. Below are some of the sets we have on offer. To see all of them visit our baby girl gifts page or visit our baby gift shop in East Perth.

Grandson Gifts

Our range of baby boys’ gift box is full of stylish prints which are ideal for your grandson. These include the leaf, clouds, dinosaurs and tiger prints. The tiger’s design is perfect for 2022 as it’s the year of the tiger.

Unisex Baby gifts for a grandchild

If you don’t know what sex the baby is we have a variety of unisex gifts. With a range of solid colours and unisex patterns, your grandchild will look adorable.

Other Gifts from Grandparents

Besides these newborn gift sets, we have a large selection of presents you can give to your grandchild. Visit our shop page for all our products.

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