Snap Bibs

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Snap bibs are one of the most practical items you’ll buy when preparing for a new baby.

Once your baby is born, and especially when they start teething they will produce a large amount of drool. And these button bibs are absorbent and will keep your baby dry.

Kam Snap Fasteners Bibs with Press Studs

We use the Kam fastening system on all our bibs. These are press stud fasteners that you will find on a large variety of clothes. This is where you push two connectors together. And they are made from either plastic or metal. They are safe and durable. And are available in a range of colours and sizes. These are the preferred fasteners for each of our bibs. This includes the small, dribble and toddler styles.

Bibs with snaps are the best to buy. Because it is impossible for your baby to remove. It’s also a good sign of quality. Brands that use higher-quality materials will last longer. In turn, it means you won’t need as many.

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