What to look for in gift vouchers

Once you have decided that you want to give a card or e-voucher there are many things to consider. These are;

  • Expiring dates — The longer an expiry date the better. This means you have more time to use it. Most companies offer a 1-year expiry while we offer 2 years.
  • Selection of products — As you may give this as a baby shower present does the shop have ample and appropriate products? The voucher should be age-appropriate as the recipient will have to use it within the expiry period.
  • Physical card or e-voucher — Does the shop offer a physical card, e-voucher or both? Try to select a card that offers both.
  • Where can you use it — Can you use the voucher at a range of different stores? Or is it able to be used at only one location?
  • Payment options — Choose a card where the shop offers a range of payment options. These include credit cards, bank cards, Paypal and afterpay. The more options available the better.
  • To use online, in-store or both — Does the voucher or card allow you to use it in-store, online or both? And does the recipient prefer to shop online or in-store?
  • Are there any fees — Check the terms and conditions with the store to see if they charge any fees? Most companies don’t but it is best to check before making a purchase.
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